Saturday, May 29, 2010

Love is... our 1 year!!

anniversary of being engaged. Insanity. It feels like only yesterday that my friend Whitney was trying to keep me away from Ty so he could make his plans come to fruition. What a good man this kid is. He put a lot of thought and effort into his proposal and I felt really special that day. Here is how Mr. Morrow made me his future Mrs.

*I woke up and Ty was there bright and early to make me breakfast before my last clinical. He gave me a CD to listen to on the way with all of our special songs.
*I finished my clinical and came out to my car to find it cleaned and decorated with roses.
*I came home to find a trail of rose petals from the basement door to my room, where he had bought me my favorite dress from Anthropologie.
*I put on said dress and got ready for our date.
*Ty picked me up and took me to get some Spoon Me, where he had 2 dozen beautiful roses waiting for me at the front desk.
*We dropped my roses off at my mom and dads and continued on our date.
*We walked around Temple Square, where I was a little wary because I have never particularly wanted to be proposed to at Temple Square.
*Instead! We got into a carriage and we on a ride up to Memory Grove and went for a little walk.
*We come to a little rock table where Ty had set up roses of my favorite color, and set out my great grandmas handkerchief and the ring.
*Ty proposed
*I said YES!
*Our parents popped out of the trees and surprised me
*We finished our carriage ride and ended up at Cucina Toscana
*Our parents surprised me AGAIN at the restaurant.
*We had the most AMAZING dinner and then the owner brought out a special made cake for us.
*Tyler drove me home, and gave me letters written to me from both our parents about our being engaged.

Seriously, I know I am biased, but have you EVER heard of a better proposal than that? Probably not.
So now we are here, a year later, still acting like the little love birds we were then. Right now he's making me breakfast. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Love is... celebrating the things I like

An ode of sorts... to the things I love. Sorry for the many pictures. This is even the edited version.

The fam

My pretty mom

This guy


Angelina Jolie

The Beatles... and the immortal genius of John Lennon
Laguna Beach... and LC... and her hair... and Jana Jacobs because she makes my hair nice

books, authors, poets, philosophers, lovers of live

hippies... peace, love, and happiness

sex :)


music... music... music. I cannot name everyone I love.

lace and vintage things

Paris. and Europe

horses, nature, and Canada


gummy candy


music and more music... and birds. i love birds.

Funny people


Obama and democrats and people that love other people... just kidding. about the last one

Yellow and lemonade and lemons

cooking, baking, and creating

curly fries

Glee and musicals

MAC makeup

Love is... for West Virginia

HOLY SMOKES FOLKS! I feel like I should get a round of applause for continuously blogging... it is harder than it looks.
Today I am missing Elder Evan Aleister Aragorn Crowley son of Grand Master Gandalf who is the pretty prince of Persia that knows the last dance of the jews and gentiles (It's okay if you don't get that... but it is even better if you do). It is actually quite a bummer. I think our relationship is getting better but still... we had a pretty decent one when he left. Missions are rough. we always talk about how we are both going to be in Provo when he gets back, and while Ty is going to school I will go over to his apartment and jam out guitar hero with him. It's going to be epic, you're all invited.
Alas, I do have to admit. I love to hear his mission stories and how he is staying true to himself... he hasn't gained or lost a pound! Shiggity Shwat?! Can you believe it? Anyone who knows Ev, knows that that is a big deal.
Anyway, here's to you little brother. Here's to one of the most loyal friends I have. Here's to the bond we share and the fun times that lie ahead for us.
Love Sister Mrs. wife of Brother Gimley Sam Wise Grant Bullock Morrow Chymboryk Chymbo who knows words like cantankerous

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love is... 2 weddings and a sick day

This past week Ty and I got to attend two very cute weddings. First was Ty's friend Spencer, who married a cute girl named Kali. She did a very good job putting together a nice pink and green wedding in a backyard with lights and little treats for your eyes everywhere you looked. A lot of it was DIY so props to her!
(this is not from her wedding, but you get the idea)

Second, on Saturday I went to my work friends wedding. Jessie had a cute red and blue wedding planned for outside but due to inclement weather... we had to bring the party inside. It was still super cute though.

Finally, a sick day. Bono, the U2 front-man, had emergency back surgery and will not be attending the concert I have looked forward to since I came out of the womb. Instead, they have indefinitely postponed the joyous occasion and I... am heart broken. U2 is one of the last classic bands left on this planet earth with all of it's surviving members (seriously, who would want to see Paul McCartney with out the late John Lennon). Waste of time in my opinion. Anyway, I haven't been feeling on top of my A game recently, so perhaps this is Bono's generous way of saying "Kat. Take your time and get better. I will wait for you." (My minds version of Bono has always been really nice to me). So! Hopefully both Bono and myself return to full health so our lives can go back to being extra ordinary.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Love is... a Holy War

I realize that every relationship out there has "a sacred cow" as my dad calls it. Something you don't talk about with each other. For Ty and myself its... hold onto your hats folks... football.
Did I marry a Ute? Yes. Did this Ute have any idea how crazy his wife was about BYU football? No. Not until he had the ring on her finger and she talked about a Holy War themed wedding complete with chili and nachos. I'm not joking.
The FIRST married fight we had was after the BYU v. Utah game. Let me give you a rundown of that morning.

Ty and Kat come to the agreement that each person would watch the game at their respective households and regardless of the outcome, the win or loss would not be discussed.

Tyler takes a shower and Kat writes the entire BYU fight song on the bathroom mirror with a blue dry erase marker.

Kat throws the red dry erase marker out the window.

Ty and Kat leave their apartment and head to the residence of their parents.

The game happens... to be fair both fans, their were calls and plays and decisions by players that both of do not like or agree with. ****NOTE**** Max Halls remarks about Utah fans is something I do NOT disagree with.

Ty and Kat come home and, due to both need/desire to be right... the game is discussed in detail. Tempers flare. Voices were raised. Fists were pounded. Statistics thrown down to promote the superiority of each persons respective team. It was pretty sketch.

Ty, as the sweetheart that he is, decides he concedes and says we can agree to disagree.

Kat logs onto facebook and reads all the BYU and Max Hall hater comments (I deleted more facebook friends that day than any other day.. seriously. Life long friendships were destroyed).

Basically these are my points:
1. If you like Utah, don't read my blog come the football season. I may be a pushover when it comes to some things, but I will throw down any time, any day with anyone if it involves football.

2. I cannot wait for football to start.

3. I will be blogging about football and my experiences on the regular.

4. I love BYU.

5. Don't bring religion into it. Football in and of itself is a religion. If you bring up God or Mormons than you clearly do not understand anything about football.

6. I love this video. You should all watch it.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Love is... RAIN!

Just a fun fact for the day... I LOVE THE RAIN! It makes my day when it is even slightly overcast. Everyone should take a moment to celebrate the Earth when it rains.
The End.
(picture taken on the way Montucky in '08)

(Also... Montucky)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Love is... still planning a wedding.

Alright, alright. Everyone that knows me probably realized that I would have a hard time letting go of the fact that I couldn't plan a wedding anymore. I realize that I was in denial and I am ready to face the fact that I can no longer have my cake and eat it too BUT! I can still retake my bridals, and do some groomals, and have a party/reception/gathering of sorts for my 5 year anniversary. and maybe my ten. and then probably the 20th... and definitely the 50th. :) you are all invited. I just like planning parties, and I like cakes and food and flowers and pictures and dressing up and all of those happen to be included in a wedding. Tyler and I recently had some pictures taken of us at the SLC temple by my sweet friend Nellie, and let me just say I AM ADDICTED. Ty is probably going to phone the show intervention and have a psychologist sit down with me and my family. They will all write letters about how much they love me and want to see me succeed in life so they feel I need to spend time in a wedding addicts anonymous program for a while, and then be introduced back into society slowly, so as not to become polluted in my fragile state.
Speaking of big ideas... my dad says that I have always had big ideas. This is true I guess (don't let it get to your head dad). I never do anything half way. He also says I never do anything in a straight line... hahaha maybe that is true too. He likens me to Anne of Green Gables. SO TRUE. I always have dramatic stories, I have a temper, I am stubborn, I like to pretend and I have the biggest imagination. There is this quote that I just love. It perfectly describes the conversations I have with my parents ALL of the time.

Anne Shirley: Fred is... extremely good.
Marilla Cuthbert: That is exactly what he should be! Would you want to marry a wicked man?
Anne Shirley: Well, I wouldn't marry anyone who was really wicked, but I think I'd like it if he could be wicked and wouldn't.
Marilla Cuthbert: You'll have better sense some day, I hope.

Basically what I am saying is that I am Anne of Sandy, Utah.
Double basically, this post was meant to inform the world that Ty and I took some cute pictures together on Saturday :)
Poor Tyler...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Love is... beautiful

Today I was going to write about something totally unrelated to this video but after seeing it, I decided everyone needed to see this, and I needed to share it with everyone that I could.
I read her blog and I think she is absolutely amazing! I hope I can grow up to emulate some of the beautiful characteristics that this woman has. You know when you meet someone and think "You're going straight to heaven." This is her.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Love is...a self discovery

I feel like all of these things have recently taken place in our lives and now that I am sitting down to type... nothing is coming to mind.
I finished my finals! It feels like a weight off my shoulders and hopefully soon Ty can appreciate that feeling because his last two finals are today and tomorrow. HOORAY!
For the last few days we were relocated to my parents house. We had to get our bathtub replaced (which still isn't done 6 days later) and so... we needed a restroom facility for those days and ours was MIA, hence, the parents. We slept on the couch which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be... except for I bummed around watching TV for too long.
I quit my raw foods diet... *sigh* quit sounds WAY too harsh. I postponed indefinitely my raw foods diet. I didn't really have the time or the money to eat anything but spinach salad and my raw homemade cookies. It was fun while it lasted, and it really was me and not the diet, but it was time to end things.
I have come to the conclusion that I need to take more pictures. Every since I met Ty, I feel like I have been on a mission of self discovery. Did anyone else feel like this when they got married? I am not trying to imply that Tyler makes it impossible for me to be myself, in fact, it is quite the opposite. Tyler was one of the first people in my life to love me, for me. Around Ty it's okay to be me and to dance in the kitchen and laugh my real laugh and just do goofy things. Also, it's more than just laughing. I feel like I am becoming me and more comfortable with my political views and design choices and fashion personality... and he likes it! How cool. Maybe I am just a late bloomer and all of you knew who you were and what defined you before you were married, but I am definitely on this long road and truthfully... I wouldn't have it any other way.
I found this picture of princess Diana and it completely describes how I feel a lot of the time. People around me expect me to do certain things, and act a certain way and even though those may all be good things, it's okay to be inappropriate sometimes. It's okay to laugh when no one else is laughing. It's okay to be honest with your emotions. Sorry if the photo is offensive... actually no. I'm not :)