Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Love is... pictures!

Spencer was really excited about the lights

Please excuse my large stature

We are in love... didn't you know?

The baby shower pictures

Harry Potter party! Emma's cauldron cakes
The butter beer... minus the beer
Kalies wand favors. She is so awesome! She even wrote who's wands they were and what they were made out of!

Halloween! The butterfly and the butterfly catcher!
Asher looks pissed!

My ever so talented sister in law Cari took some pictures.

Tyler: The Intelligent Investor
Kat: Sense and Sensibility

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Love... Could happen to anyone!

Here is a riddle for you...
What is cold, embarrassed, and sitting on the couch in the lobby of her complex because she locked herself out?
Answer: me.
Yes. I finally did what everyone knew I would do. I left my keys inside the apartment and left for my hair appointment. How? Well because my apartment is old school, the doors lock automatically. You wouldn't know it from the outside looking in but this place is Alcatraz and not even Sean Connery could find himself a way back in to retrieve my keys. So, like a selected few members of our community, I'm just chilling by myself in the lobby. But, it is a great time to blog. Unfortunately it is not so great for the roots of my hair which have become an unsightly brownish color you would find at your local swamp. For those caring souls out there, yes, I did have to phone my stylist and confess to my where abouts and how i got here and yes, we decided it best for me to reschedule.
Oh well, I suppose I deserve it. And hey! Now you just get an extra blog helping of our lives because, believe you me brothers and sisters, I have
time to kill.
We had an awesome we last week. We had 5 parties in 3 days to attend. It was a blast. The 5th only counts as a 1/2 because I hosted a baby shower so Tyler did attend that one. It turned out quite well and I was pleased with the outcome. Don't worry, when Tyler gets here I going right upstairs to post pictures of our lives since... Oh, Halloween I guess.
Tyler and I had the most perfect thanksgiving. We slept over at tylers parents and woke up at 11... :30. Okay I woke up at 11:30. Kris made me salmon and veggie stuffing and my life was complete.
-crap- I just realized why I've been subconciously avoiding blogging. Freaking football. I know you know my thoughts. I know you know my opinions and deep down inside I know you know the truth, and that is that BYU is the better team. Also, just a side note, if I ever contract a fatal illness, my dying wish will be to hear my father in law profess his love for Bronco. Just putting that out there.
Anyway, Tyler just showed up. So tata for now.