Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love is... a lovely day

I sincerely thought about posting a list of things that must go. I have been frustrated this week. However, I feel as though I would just become frustrated all over again so I mentally vetoed that idea and decided I would write about my lovely love day. Tyler and I decided that on hearts day we would trade off on who is responsible for the festivities. Last year it was Tylers turn and we had takeout and watched Hannibal. This year it was my turn, although that did not stop Ty from "chipping in". He sent me a super hippie flower arrangement to work and I loved it! Then he surprised me by ditching class and I thought that was nice... although I promise I would have been happy if he had gone to class. I decided I would make dinner. The menu was as follows:

Salad with a creamy homemade Italian dressing
sourdough bread and butter
asparagus ravioli with a lemon and sage cream sauce
Shirley Temples

I feel as though dinner was a success. For gifts, I got Ty a sweater and book from Urban and he got me a spa kit complete with chocolate covered strawberries that he put together HIMSELF! What a champ. He is such a good guy. I am very lucky and very in love.

On a side note... I love this girls tattoo and I have officially added a tattoo idea to my list of tattoos.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love is... ignorance is not bliss

Truly... ignorance is not bliss. Ask Michelle from Apple Valley, CA who recently sent this in to the BYU newspaper

Letter: Idol worship

I can’t walk across campus without hearing Jimmer Fredette’s name a dozen times. His name comes up everywhere: in class, at work, during lunch … really, people? Cut it out with the Jimmer worship. Last time I checked, idol worship was very much frowned upon in the scriptures.

Don’t you have a life to live? Then quit wasting it in front of the TV or in lines at the Marriott Center.

At the very least, stop trying to convert those of us who don’t follow BYU sports and don’t care that baseball and badminton are two different things. Pushing basketball on us isn’t going to make us like it any better.

I’m not blaming Jimmer for all this; was it Nephi’s fault in the Book of Mormon when his brothers worshiped him? As far as I’m concerned, Jimmer is perfectly free to live his dreams. If he reaches his goals and lives his dreams, more power to him. I would like the same courtesy from his fans: let me live my own dreams in peace, even if they don’t include ever sitting in the Marriott Center screaming my brains out.

Michelle Peralta
Apple Valley, Calif.

After she sent that in, she posted on facebook ( and after she posted on facebook, she received over 500 pro Jimmer comments and coincidentally got Jimmer Fredette more press on ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, and Yahoo Sports because his fans are so loyal... and SO funny. If you want to make your life better go through the comments. Here's a taste of my personal favorites:

"Looks like your facebook page just got Jimmered"

"Jimmer never said it would be easy, he only said it would be worth it"

"I noticed in your letter that you accidently forgot to capitalize some of your pronouns when you referred to The Jimmer. I am sure He doesn't appreciate that"

"Michelle, if you want to express you feelings directly to Jimmer feel free to e-mail him"

"and on the 7th day... he scored 47 points"

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love is... simple

Tyler is having a birthday soon... but he is not shouting hooray. This was our conversation when I told him I had some birthday ideas..

Kat:Ty! Guess what! I pretty much have your birthday all planned.
Ty: Kat... noooo.
Kat: Ty! Why? What? You don't even know what I am thinking.
Ty: Yes I do. I know you. It will be an all day affair with expensive meals and gifts.
Kat: No. It is simple. You asked me for simple so I kept it simple.
Ty: Your simple or my simple.
Kat: Give me some credit. I really tried hard not to be too kathryn this time. It's mellow, you'll like it.
Ty: You're right. I should give you more credit. It is probably no fun for you at all because I am so boring and won't let you plan a party or take me to England for the weekend.
Kat: Your exactly right. It's been really tough being married to someone who likes things simple.
No replay from Tyler
Kat: So I've been talking to Kalie about it...
Ty: Kat! That's not simple!

I hate to admit when he is right, but he is right. I do not do simple. The thought of a birthday automatically makes me think of the following: party, cake, party favors, party theme, party entertainment, party food, party decorations, big birthday surprise.
This year, however, I have done quite well for myself and contrary to Tylers last comment, Kalie has been helping me keep it simple... along with some other people. So, wish me luck and cross your fingers that Tyler will really appreciate my version of simple this year