Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love is... spare time

I just spent the last hour or so of my life watching Harry Potter while reading Harry Potter facts online. I LOVE Harry Potter. I cannot wait for Tyler to take me to Harry Potter world (hint HINT).
I have also spent the last little while watching 24 on Netflix. It has become a love/hate relationship. I love it because it gives me something to do while feeding Jude but oh, how I hate it. My mind has become a bowl of mush. How can one man accomplish SO much in just 24 hours, after no sleep, and being gruesomely tortured? I don't understand. Even worse, is there are so many story lines, and just when you think you know a guy - they end up breaking your heart and your only on hour 13... how could things get any worse for Jack? It's awful. Then, when you finally make it to hour 23 and you can feel the final resolution coming... the Russians get involved and the President gets attacked and his ex wife is back so you have to start the next 24 hours. It's too much. But I CAN'T STOP.
On a more pleasant note - I had the most delicious meal last week. My sister in law Cari had me over to her house and she made ginger peach salmon... um, hello! I have been craving it ever since. I need to get the recipe from her and share it with all of you because you will probably die of happiness.
Another thing that has been filling my days since Jude was born is a sweet exercising DVD! Tracy Anderson kicks my trash! Tyler even tried it out with me once. When he had to stop to hold Jude, he stuck around and was a personal trainer, yelling "You're a champion, you're a champion!" Here's a little taste of what it probably looks like when I'm doing my exercises

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love is... CRISIS

I had a HUGE personal crisis. Literally, probably a grapefruit sized crisis. Yesterday, when Jude finally decided have a little shut eye, I got to work and started cleaning the house. I probably would have had every surface so shiny to the point that you could see your reflection in it... but then my personal crisis happened. I went to make the bed and I pulled back the covers on my side and there it was, summoned from the depths of my own personal hell, a GIANT GRAPEFRUIT sized spider carcass curled into a nasty little ball of death. I screamed, I cried, I hyperventilated, and I cried some more. Then I phoned Tyler and cried to him. This is a huge deal. I'm not being stupid or girly when I tell you that I am petrified of spiders. If I was on Fear Factor and I had to hold a spider for a million dollars, I would walk away so fast it would make your head spin. Also, I had to ask myself the burning question... did I sleep with this spider? Am I the cause of its death? Did my legs crush it during the night? Answer - probably. Sick. So now not only was I touched by a spider, but I unsuspectingly found it while cleaning (which gave me a fright) AND I have officially slept with another man besides Tyler.
So I am standing there, talking to Tyler about this awful experience and like a good husband he is trying to calm me down and BAM! My personal hell is NOT dead and the spider unfolds his nasty little legs and comes to life. So now that his legs are unfolded he is the size of approximately a grapefruit plus a small apple. I screamed and started crying again and ran into the bathroom. So now I am cornered. I can't leave the bathroom because then I would have to walk past the spider and I can't do that. I asked Tyler to come home and kill the spider. He said he would but I would have to sit there and make sure the stupid thing didn't get away and I wasn't going to sit there for that long. So I phoned my dad. He didn't think I was serious in the beginning, but this wasn't my first rodeo so it didn't take too long to convince him that I was 100% serious. So, like any loving father would do he got into his car and headed out. In order to distract myself I decided to take a shower. I left the curtain open and the door open so I could watch the creeper just in case he started to make a run for it... although, it's not like I would do anything about it. Just as I was getting out of the shower, Jude started to cry. Perfect, so now I had to make the decision... it was like Sophies choice almost. I phoned Tyler and explained my situation. He coached me for 5-10 minutes until he convinced me to run to Judes room and promised the spider wouldn't jump on me. I screamed and ran and made it. My dad got there and killed the stupid thing and checked all the baseboards and made sure no more spiders were lurking in my room. Then he told me that I should consider counseling.
I get that to most people, a spider is childs play. But to me... I can't do it. I don't do spiders. I literally get petrified. My knees don't bend. And one run in with a spider causes me weeks of fear and anxiety. Any shadow, any falling leaf, it's a spider and I am minutes away from some form of torturous death.
Moral of the story - this is why God gave me a son first. Because at the ripe age of three he is going to be killing every spider he sees so his mom can live a long and happy life.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Love is... my little son

My little son is not so little anymore. I woke up this morning to a text from Tyler informing me that he is 3 weeks old today! Where did the time go? He is becoming a bigger boy and does something new and surprising every day. He sneezes just like his dad and hiccups just like his mom. He loves his little head covered and likes to watch the lights when we drive at night. He has a little bit of an attitude when he doesn't think the service is up to par... I think he gets that from his dad too.

This is his little drunk face... he gets this when he has had the perfect amount of milk at just the right temperature
First bath... not so well. He loved the second one though.
Cougars first encounter. My little dog and my little son get along very well. Cougar is very protective although he does get slightly jealous when Tyler and I don't pay attention to him