Sunday, April 29, 2012

Love is... Messers Moody, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs

Hello world! I hope life has been treating you as well as it has been treating our little fam and that you are lovin' this sweet springtime that is going on! To start this post off with a bang, I ran a 5k with some sweet friends of mine. Emma came up with the idea for us to run it and I wont lie... I was pretty skeptical at my ability to run three miles straight. Yes, you read that correctly. I did mean to type three. Despite the 5k being the shortest distance offered besides the kids fun run, it still sounded pretty scary. BUT! I am SO very glad I did it with these sweet ladies because it was really fun and I was pretty happy with myself...

But I was even more proud of that man in blue because Ty ran a half marathon! 13.1 miles!!!! He didn't even practice. What a stud.. am I right?

Jude stayed with us the whole time and by 2pm... he was all tuckered out. 

We got to see some of the pretty tulips at the tulip festival and it was fantastic!

And then we went home and Jude decided he wanted to try some cinnamon gummy bears... delight! He was a little perturbed when I took it away.

Also, on an even happier note, Tyler is almost done with finals WOOT WOOT! And due to the amazing coincidence of seeing a license plate that said PADFOOT today, I am officially declaring Judes #1 birthday a HARRY POTTER THEME! I'm psyched.
I also would like to get a Harry Potter themed license plate for myself, and my ideas so far are:
Weasley... because we all know how much I would love to be a Weasly (if I couldn't be a Morrow obviously... or a Matthews, but that is for another day)

Any other suggestions?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Love is... breaking and entering

Friday (today) is my day off. I love being home, hangin out with the baby son, and doing whatever errands have piled up during the day. I also LOVE going out to lunch with friends. Nat and I were supposed to meet for a delicious egg salad sandwich at the Corner Bakery but then, as I was backing out of our garage... it wouldn't shut. Really? So I get out of the car; making sure nothing is in the way of the sensor and then get back in to continue on my journey. It buzzes down 1/2 a foot and then goes back up. As I get out of my car for the second time I notice that something seems to be amiss... mainly the angle that the garage door is hanging. So I phone Tyler and let him know "Hey, the garage door is broken". He's irritated and doesn't think I should leave. I tell him I have a lunch date and I will lock the door. We hang up and I go to lock the door. It won't lock. So I phone Ty again, and this was our conversation (edited to keep the blog from having a PG-13 rating)
Kat: Ty, the door won't lock.
Ty: Well then don't leave.
Kat: Tyler. No one is going to break in. There are construction workers all around.
Ty: Kat. Midday is the most likely time a break in will occur, because no one is suspecting it.

-- Okay. Three things. One: Will someone please confirm or deny the haphazard statistic he just threw out? Two: If someone is most likely to break in now.. Why do you want your wife and kid home? So I can scare them away with my intimidating stature? Three: WHY DO YOU WANT YOUR WIFE AND KID HOME??
I don't know. Perhaps I was overreacting... Maybe all of you would be fine at home with an unlocked door and an opened garage. Alas, I am not you. The happy ending to this modern day fairy tale is that he came home to guard our house until the doors were fixed.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Love is... Easter

Happy Easter... yesterday! We loved it. Plus, it was Judes number one Easter and he had quite the day. We went to my parents ward and then ate lunch at their home. They gave Jude a new jumping chair and he LOVES it. It is quite the party. We went to the Morrows home next and had a lovely dinner - because let's face it, Kris goes all out. We had two Easter egg hunts, one for the beebs and one for the adults. I love the egg hunt they put on every year. It bring out my inner child and she loves any excuse to surface. I know I say this about every holiday, but I just LOVE Easter!! I hope yours was just as grand as ours!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Love is... I'm just a poor boy...

This video encompasses so much for me. Namely my love for Canada, the hysterics this sent me into when I saw it for the first time at work, and if I ever become inebriated, I sincerely hope I am this cool. If you're the cop, how do you not laugh hysterically? Or join in?? Who doesn't love Freddie Mercury? Oh well, at least they let him finish his song. And he does play a sick air piano.

Highlight: "Do you really have to cuff me?" "Well, are you going to do anything?" "Pfft, physical violence is the LEAST of my priorities"

That or the satisfactory smirk he has when he adds "not even the RCMP" to the end of the song.