Thursday, July 26, 2012

Love is...Sweet Home!

At this very moment, I am on a vacation. How is this possible, you may ask... considering the many travels we have already been on. Well, we are house sitting for Tylers parents. I LOVE IT!!! I hope they go on a vacation every year and always ask us to house sit. I love this place. I also loved my cousins house in Canada.. hahaha did you like that lead in? Yes. As promised I am posting the awesome pics from Jens home, and mama will provide! So hopefully you are all inspired like I was. 

FYI Jen and her mom almost everything you are seeing.... Its really hard being related to such talented people. I have a serious inferiority complex. 

Dear Jen,
Please please please come to Utah and fix my house!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Love is... Oh Montana

Is it a coincidence that you can sing "Oh Montana" and "Oh Canada" to the same tune? I think not. Basically it's because they are both tied for the greatest place on earth. On our way back from Canada, we went to Bigfork, MT. It was SOOOOOOOOOOO good. So good to see Whit and James and their familes. The lake. The food. The cinnamon rolls. The 4th of July ward breakfast. You cannot beat it. 

 Jude fell in love with Whitney and James. It was almost unfair how much he loved them. 

After the Brookies cinnamon roll and the ward breakfast, we went to the parade on mainstreet. Heres the thing. I got emotional. I don't even know how it happened. I'm not really an emotional being (disclaimer: anymore). But something about the jets flying over and the soldiers... it got to me. I'm only human, okay?!

 There is nothing as beautiful as Flathead Lake at sunset. I am telling you. Everyone add that to your list of places to see before death.

Whitney and I are clearly made for each other. 

This is a picture of James' dad Jim building the temple in El Salvador. James and Whitney are currently in Peru building the temple in Trujillo. Below the photo is an excerpt from the Patriarchal blessing given to one of James'    great (I dont know how many greats, I think four) grandpa. Whitney... please correct me where I killed this story. Anyway, GREAT testimony builder. 

This is what it says, since the picture is small...
"Thou will see this the land of North and South America, become the Zion of our God, and thee and thy posterity will assist in the building of temples upon this land from the Cape Horn in the South to the Canadas in the North"

While we were there, Whitney and James surprised us with a family photog sesh. I cannot begin to express my elation at the idea of having family pics with a Montana background. I will post a link to the AWESOME photographers blog as soon as our pics are posted. 

Also, soon to come on the blog front: Jenny's amazing house decor and a sob story about the disaster mine is comparitively. Chymboryk family photos. Ike's B-day weekend (see Emmas blog here for a better rundown than I'll post). All sorts of fun things and random thoughts from a stay at home mom who has the mentality of a gypsy. Should be interesting. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Love is... Oh Canada!

Great news! I have decided to break up our trip north to not only two posts... but three! Who wouldn't be excited for three posts about someone else's vacation? Don't dispair. If living vicariously through me isn't your thing, the last post is all about my cousin Jenny and her AMAZING style. You need to see it. It will change your life.

 We were so glad to finally get to Canada. The last stretch between Great Falls and Canada are an awful combination of boring and nothing. To pass the time we took turns asking each other this list of questions I found, thank to pinterest. Find it here
One of the questions was "Name your greatest fear and explain why". After some earnest thought, Ty responded " Well, I have this crazy fear of people breaking into my house or someone trying to kidnap you and Jude.... but I've played enough video games to know how to handle the situation". Sounds like I am in good hands. 

This adorable girl is named Charlotte. She packs a punch, the good kind. I just loved her. She is VERY entertaining and loves to be a part of the party. She was kind enough to watch over Jude ( or should I say "baby dude" for me. She was very good at it. In the background is baby Emmie. She is so cute. Jude was always trying to steal hear toys, but she took it stride. 

When Tyler woke up Sunday (July 1st) Charlotte greeted him with a "Happy Canana day". She was really excited all day to celebrate Canada day. She insisted that we sing "Happy Birthday" to Canada since it was, indeed, it's birthday. 

Jude was 99% sure that my Aunt Diane was actually my mom, Shauna. It is a common mistake that I made countless times throughout my childhood. Not only do they look alike, but also sound alike AND married men who look somewhat similar thus when they are all standing with their backs facing you... it's a heck of a time trying to pick the correct parent. 

 Our last day in Calgary, Jenny and Dave took us to a park in downtown Calgary. I have never actually been there so it was really awesome for all of us. 

 We put Jude in this little bowl type thing that uses gravity to continuously go in circles. Jude loved it. Another little boy got stuck though, and Dave had to rescue him.
 Calgary has super mosquitoes.   

 One of the many things I miss about Canada are their chips. I rarely eat them in the states because they never taste as good. I ate my weight in Pickle chips AND brought some back. They will be gracing our presence at Ike and Emmas cabin this weekend. 
Can I just say that I am so grateful we got to take this trip? It was much needed. I haven't seen my cousins and Canada in too long.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Love is... Run on

I know we just got back from Canada/Montana and I should be blogging about it, but I just can't bring myself to talk about it yet. Have you ever returned from vacation and been super depressed that it was over? Because I have a bad case of that right now. I think I will drink my Raspberry Ginger ale out of a wine glass and slowly drown away my sorrows... all while Jude is napping, of course.

These are some sweet pictures that Kalie e-mailed me of Ragnar that Tyler participated in. I was so proud of him afterwards. He was such a champ!

My husband seriously kicks butt!