Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love is... the cougars are out!

One of the many perks of working for a doctor is that many times, they are faced with the difficult decision of what to do with their weekend. Do they go see Brian Reagan with the fam? Or go to the BYU v. St. Marys game. It was a tough choice indeed. He ended up choosing Brian Reagan, and I ended pocketing three 11th row tickets. I took Tyler and my dad and we had a BLAST! We lost, but it was still the most intense game I have ever been to! It was like the LA riots - mormon style. The better team won, but the refs were still the most ridiculous pieces of trash I've ever seen involved in any sport. Um, hi. BYU received five technical fouls in one game. Even the fans and coach Rose got technicals... it was that ridiculous. No matter what our players did, it was a foul. They brought out the police force early so there were no fights and at the end of the game, we booed the refs off the court. Even Tyler, my avid Ute fan, was cheering for the cougs and yelling at the refs. We all know that I get vocal and while I didn't re-enact last years Iggy's debacle, I did let them know that I was upset.

Just in case the 11th row wasn't close enough, John brought binoculars

He was actually kind enough to bring two pairs, just in case.

We loved the game and going to Provo is always awesome. I really miss my college days sometimes. I can't wait to go back to Provo again!

Love is... yummy in my tummy

These past few weeks we have reached a new stage in the little sons life... he has officially moved on to, rice cereal! I'm so excited!! Here are a few pictures of the first time.

Alright, alright... the first time trying it was not his best. But we've been feeding him it once a week and he loves it now.

Also, Tyler and I recently purchased plane tickets to... ENGLAND! We are leaving May 11th and we are excited. It has always been a goal of ours to go there and we can't believe we are so blessed to have the chance. That being said, I'm slightly nervous about flying 11 hours with Jude so if anyone out there has any tips for traveling with a babe, please pass them on.

Finally, here are a few more pictures we've recently taken of Jude.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Love is... a bone to pick

I have a bone to pick. With the world, some friends, and some family members. Be warned before reading on in this post... I'm writing it in frustration and some anger. I've had this on my mind for quite a while and my anger has been festering within me and since this is my blog, this is where I'm going to let it out.
I made mistakes in my choices, when I gave birth.

Yes. I'm young, blond, and I'm not the smartest person on earth... but I am not an idiot. In fact, I'm probably more educated on this particular subject than you. And more in tune with the spirit and my body when it came to my birth, than you were.
I read all the same books you did. I researched everything and anything I could get my hands on on the internet. I spoke with more doctors about my birth than anyone I know considering I work for seven of them. I know what pitocin is. I know the risks of an epidural. Don't preach to me about how bad either of them were for my body.
You weren't in the room. You don't know how I felt or why I made the decisions I did. Without a doubt, I made the right decisions.
Am I going to be induced every time? Not if I can help it. Am I going to try and go natural? Every time I give birth, that is my main goal. Were there extenuating circumstances during my pregnancy that you don't know about? You betchya.
Please stay out of my business. Don't lecture me about my decisions when you really don't know me at all.
And if you bring it up again...

We'll be meeting out by the flagpole to sort this out once and for all.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Love is... a throwback

I had the craziest dream last night about... Oregon Trail. Yes, that is right. The throwback game of our youth where we would do anything to finish our Typing Tutor assignments in Mrs. Cundicks 3rd grade class. Before I tell you about my dream, you need to understand that there are 3 types of Oregon trail playing people.

Scenario 1: Jill

Jill always played it safe. She always chose to be the banker, packed up with food and supplies before heading west, took it at a steady pace, and always took the ferry.

Jill never reached Oregon before class ended.

Scenario 2: James

James played this game for one reason, and one reason only. To beat his previous high score. He played this game like a fiddle.
He was the farmer, took what he needed, went at a strenuous pace and also knew what "caulking" meant so his wagon never exploded in the water.

Scenario 3: Mitch
Mitch played this game like 90% of the boy population played the game.
He was one of those people who found out that if you hold down the arrow key and the space bar at the same time, you become a swirling vortex of destruction.

** You should note before moving on to the dream portion of my story, that I was usually Jill... and sometimes James. Never Mitch.

In my dream I was playing the game and my family consisted of a Ma, a Pa, two daughters and a son. We started our journey out west pretty good at a moderate pace with adequate rations. Soon, however, my food supply was diminished and I needed to hunt and gather. Only one problem... I had decided that since I was a vegetarian, my computer family was a well. Pretty soon, Ma died of starvation and little Bobby got dysentery. Then we came to a river and I wanted to take the ferry, but for some reason in my sadistic mind, I decided to test my luck and float across. We lost Betty. The indians came to help us by teaching us how to hunt and saved little Bobby. This, however, upset me. I continued my journey at a strenuous pace without hunting and soon I lost all the members of my family. I proceeded to go ballistic in front of all my co-workers (since apparently we were all playing this game at work) and I smashed the computer into bits. They called the cops and I was charged with murder because someone said I purposefully killed off my Oregon Trail family. I was devastated.
And then I woke up.

Maybe next time I will try Amazon Trail.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Love is... 2012!

Welcome 2012! I hope you all had a tremendous Christmas! I'm super bummed it's over, I LOVE Christmas. This year was no exception. I finally had a Christmas with my little brother that wasn't over the phone. Our little son had his number one Christmas and scored with a lot of toys and clothes from baby zara. Ty got me an iPad and he got a watch. We had yummy food and fun times with family and friends. I can't wait for next year. Some things were definitely missing this year though... where was the snow? That bummed me out a bit. Also, I used to spend all of my Christmas' in Canada and it is hard not to be able to go to the farm anymore, definitely a huge loss for me. But! I digress... it really was the most wonderful time of the year. And now (drumroll please...) our 2011 recap! Last year I meant to do one, but I had my gallbladder removed a year ago today so I never really got around to it.

we found out we were pregnant - with a boy!
We participated in Jimmermania

Evan returns
U2 - and a sideways picture
Fun trips with friends
Darling baby showers

Grandma Chymboryk passed on
The big day

These two left to build the temple in Peru
Judes first Halloween
Blessing day
Annual temple square Christmas