Saturday, March 12, 2011

Love is... a new obsession

On a quick note... this is my very new favorite place to waste time. Here is a teaser

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Love is... where dreams come true

Hi. This is where I am going in one week from Friday(not Paris Disney, just California Disney). Why? Because I love it there, and Tyler surprised me with a beautiful trip before our lives end. I cannot relay how excited I am!! I am unhealthily obsessed with all things Disney, specifically Cinderella. I am really lucky that Ty is so generous and thoughtful.

On a completely opposite note, can I just say that I really hate Charlie Sheen? I really either want him to die from an overdose or just kind of die in general. Granted I have been in a really bitchy (yes, BITCHY) mood recently and I have dislike for a lot of people in the world right now... but I have always disliked Charlie Sheen.

Changing topics once again, I love BYU. I love everything about them. I love the school, I love the players, I love the fans. No matter what happens, they are a great team and Jimmer rocks my socks off. So does Charles. And sometimes Emery.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Love is... broken hearts

I feel like I need to make a blog post... although I have nothing to post about really.
I guess I could talk about work and some crazy patients, but then I always feel like I am walking that fine line with HIPPA and it makes me nervous.
I could talk about how I desperately need a vacation or I am going to loose my sanity... but everyone probably feels that way.
I could talk about how my pants are beginning to get a little bit tighter... but that is depressing.
I could talk about BYU basketball and my broken heart... but that is even more depressing. (However, let me just state for the record that if I were the girl that told on B. Davies... I would have waited the extra month. Call me a sinner... but I absolutely would have waited).
I could talk about the Oscars, but I feel like I like the same dresses as everyone else and if I really told my in laws which dress I would wear... they might be slightly concerned. This year my Oscar blog contribution will be the Modern Family commercial because I have watched it probably 5 times this morning and I am still laughing hysterically.

I could talk about my brother and how good he is doing and how much I miss him but that just makes me depressed and then I would just want to talk my vacation to West Virginia and I think they tend to frown upon that. He did get accepted to BYU though!! I am SO jealous. I will probably spend more time with him than with Tyler... because I love Provo, not because Ty is a Ute fan. Kind of.
Pretty much that's it. Hopefully my mood will start to pick up and my blog posts will be better.