Thursday, September 27, 2012

Love is... a bad mom and some family photos

So, yesterday I discovered why people think kids are not so glamorous/stressful little beings. I won't lie, before this point Jude and I had never really had a "bad day". We just were best pals doin' best pal things together. He had the occasional sad day or complaint and obviously I don't want to go back to the no sleep nights, but all in all things were good. Yesterday afternoon was one of those times where all that could go wrong, went wrong. At the end of the day Jude was taking his nightly bath and he kept throwing all of his ducks, balls, cups, and wash cloths out of the tub and onto the ground. I had asked him to stop, redirected his attention, all of the things I was supposed to do and he kept doing it and the finally I yelled "Jude! Just stop it". He didn't cry or anything. He just looked at me with an expression like "okay psycho". I seriously felt SO bad. I mean really, he's just little. It's not like he knows any better. I felt like an awful parent. After he went to bed I called my mom. She's really good at talking you out of your misery. She'd actually make an excellent hostage negotiator. Anyway, she told me "if you're a good parent 95% of the time, that's pretty good. And a lot better than some other kids get". I felt a lot better but holy smokes, it was a rough minute. It reminded me of this quote that has kind of become my mantra when I am angry. I don't want my angry yelling voice to become Judes inner voice.

Anyway, on a brighter note, we got our family pictures back! I am so excited to share a few of these babies. Please note that we had just driven from Lethbridge to Bigfork so my hair is a HOT MESS. But seriously, any photographer that can make me look half decent after driving in two countries is nothing if not the most talented person in the world. I wish they could always do our family photos. Unfortunately they live in California but you should still go check them out, and if you are ever in California... well, it's fate. 

Guys. If there were ever a picture to describe our relationship... this would be it. Seriously. Nail on the head folks. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Love is... our big little boy!

Our little Jude turned one this past week. Yes, one! He has gone from my little festus to my walking, jabbering Jude. I am so happy and blessed to have such a stud for a son. Hopefully, when he is like 17 he doesn't read this and say "ewww". I can't help it, I am so full of LOVE. Speaking of love, I love all my friends and family who helped out with this ( and the ones who didn't). Cari Morrow brought the hot dog buns, my mom watched Jude and brought the dip, Mike brought the red and blue gatorade in the red and blue coolers, Kris basically funded all the condiments and some extras, Kalie DeMann brought the veggies and dip (delish), Emma brought the cupcakes (she makes the best cupcakes EVER!!!!), Isaac Westwood manned the grill ( I feel like we are always making him to the grilling), Whitney Fenn was our pack mule/giant letter maker, and Natalie Hepworth was the genius behind basically everything. Poor Jude would have been stuck with a store bought cupcake at home if it wasn't for all of you! We had the best time and I cannot wait to throw another party!... Just jokes Ty, I am all partied out.

Here are some snaps of the rivalry themed birthday 

Sprechense the rivalry game, let's not talk about it, okay? I just want to continue to love everyone. And it's hard enough to love Tyler because he is a Ute... okay, not really. But let's just say someone overdosed on NyQuil after that game to nurse their broken heart.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Love is... a laugh

10:30 is much too late to be awake in our home. I am hysterical right now. You know that place you get to, right before you fall asleep, when everything is funny? That's me. Tyler just tried to kick Cougar off of our bed and all the Coug did was glance at him and then went to lay on Ty's pillow. SO funny. It was a battle of wits between the two of them for almost ten minutes. Tyler came out victorious. Tyler is winning everything today. I told him I wanted another baby and he totally shot that one down. RUDE! It's nights like these that make me so grateful for the Pinterest humor section. Say adios to the next 5 hours of my life.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Love is... some musings from today

Yeah guys, it's only 10am and I am already deep in thought. I have come to a few conclusions and made a few discoveries. So far this morning has been really productive. Something about herbal tea and Dave Matthews makes you feel like an invincible hippie that could probably solve world hunger if given enough time (yes, I realize I kind of just described a drug induced psychosis... but see! All you need is Dave).


1. Fall is the best season. I am starting to feel a crisp in the air. I am counting down the days to my sweaters and fuzzy socks. My pumpkin and apple spiced induced cooking and my pre-Thanksgiving tree decorating.

2. Babies are pretty sure that their toys are boring and everything you tell them to not touch, is what belongs to them. Plus, I think Jude is starting the tantrum phase of babyhood...

3. Sons of Anarchy is one of the best TV shows ever. It is full of drugs and violence. I dare you to find me a better combo.


1. I love family things. Which is really random, because I am quite shy. Yesterday we had a Morrow fam parTAY. When I say fam, I don't just mean Mike and Kris' family, I mean all the Morrows. It was great. People played volleyball. Children chased each other and drew with chalk. My little guy cried when I tried to set him on the ground because, lets be honest, nothing is more terrifying than grass?

2. Tyler works for the CIA or the FBI. I haven't quite pinpointed which it is. And here's why. He is never really "at work" and never answers when I phone him, but he always phones right back. He stays in great shape but never has time to work out. Obviously he has been chasing criminals. There are weapons hidden all around our house. I can't list them, because that's probably breaking some rule that I don't know about because he hasn't come out of the closet, as it were... for my own safety of course. I'd be an awful wingman.

3. I clearly have too much time to think.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Love is... another time waster

Guys. Tumblr has been good to me recently. Here is another great time waster.