Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love is... lazy mornings

This morning is a lazy morning. I don't really have anything to do, except for fold laundry and we all know how that goes. I am going to cherish this lazy morning though because I have a feeling it is the last lazy morning I will have for a while.
This past week I made homemade jam. It was my first time and both my freezer jam and my legit jam worked out perfectly! I made peach freezer jam with my sister in law Sarah and I made strawberry jam on my own and I love them both! Tyler and I have been eating a lot of toast and jam.

For our anniversary Tyler and I get to go to Las Vegas! I am so excited. We didn't think we were going to be able to go anywhere and I then I won a trip from my old work and so we are going! Hooray!!!!

Mostly, I just want to say that I love this guy. He makes me laugh every day!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love is... ooo lala

Tyler and I have had an eventful past month. We moved into a sweet new apartment (pictures still to come), we attended concerts and parties, AND I got a sweet new job. We are so grateful for all of the blessing that have come our way in this past month and we are especially grateful for Tyler's parents who have helped us SO much. We would be living on the curb in our moving boxes if it wasn't for them.
Ty bought tickets to Dave Matthews last year for my birthday but then he had to cancel so we were bummed. Then later on, he announced his free concert in the SLC and because we had previously purchased tickets (that were refunded) we got first pick at the free tickets. We're talking front row in the pit! It was AMAZING!!!!!

We also had the pleasure of attending Jason and Jessica Sorensons wedding! It was really fun to hang out with a lot of Tylers friends, especially the DeManns who I adore!!

Tyler and I got invited to a sweet party Kalie DeMann threw! Can I just tell you all... it was AMAZING! She put this beautiful evening together and it looked like a party right out of Martha Stewart. She is SO talented. We got to sit next to Emma and Isaac and I just love them. They were so fun to talk to!

*** Just for clarification, the last two pictures of the white party are not mine. I stole them from facebook :)***

And last, but definitely NOT least, Tyler and I went to the fair with our friends Devin and Tressie. I love the fair SO much. There are always exciting things to do and enough cotton candy to last me a lifetime! Tyler was such a sport and paid too much money for silly rides that I don't even open my eyes in! But seriously... I love the fair.

One more quick note, one of my best friends Liz Teerlink just got ENGAGED! She is AMAZING! I could dedicate an entire blog post to this girl, but she probably wouldn't like that so I am just going to say that she is awesome and I love her and she is going to have the prettiest babies!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Love is... I'm sorry?

You know what? Truthfully, I am not sorry. I don't even feel bad. These past weeks have been very busy and Ty and moved so that is why the blog has suffered. Fear not, I will right this wrong in the coming week when I have new pictures at my disposal. Think of it... some Dave Matthews, a new apartment, a birthday celebration, AND a blanc soiree! For now, enjoy the new blog that I am IN LOVE with! In fact, if Tyler hadn't already claimed my heart... I would seriously consider pledging my undying love to this blog.

P.S. my sister-in-law Cari ran a 1/2 marathon!! Go her! I doubt I could muster the courage to run that much.