Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love is... visions of my summers

This lovely morning I was listening to the play list on ipod called Sand and Sunsets and the song "Here in this Diary" by the Ataris came on and I totally took a walk down my memory lane of summers. Don't you just love summer? Some of my best life memories are from summer... bonfires, fireworks, water, swimming, EFY, friends, summer loves. Summer is just GREAT! So I decided to go the nostalgic route and post pictures of summers gone by.

The irony of this picture gets me every time. Mostly I just posted it because cool 16 year olds hung out at grocery store during the summer.

The of '05 I sang in Europe

...and traveled on a bus

cool 16/17 year olds also went bowling

Senior summer at restaurants

and dances

and end of school sunsets
1st summer with the BOY!

Summer concerts like Kenny Chesney... I have been to many summer concerts. 2 of which have been Jack Johnson. Coincidentally, I took boys I liked to both of those and neither of those relationships went very well. SO! No more Jack for me.

Trek with the family

and friends! Oh trek.... the memories, right JJ?

Summers in Montana... there's no place like it

Twilight concerts

Ahh.... Summers in Provo. I will always remember my summers in Provo. I loved it there. There is no place on earth I would rather be.
P.S. Meet Spencer Ottley

and our cool kids club

Bonfires at Utah Lake. There is a Rascal Flatts song called "Summer Nights" and this song perfectly describes how it feels at the bonfires... and everyone really does feel sexy.

More summer concerts... like James Taylor. I know it looks like I am high. I am not.

Summer weddings!!

Missionary goodbyes

Here in this diary,
I write you visions of my summer.
It was the best I ever had.
There were choruses and sing-alongs,
and that unspoken feeling
of knowing that right now is all that matters.
All the nights we stayed up talking
listening to 80's songs;
and quoting lines from all those movies that we love.
It still brings a smile to my face.
I guess when it comes down to it...
Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up:
These are the best days of our lives.
The only thing that matters
is just following your heart
and eventually you'll finally get it right.
Breaking into hotel swimming pools,
and wreaking havoc on our world.
Hanging out at truck stops just to pass the time.
The black top's singing me to sleep.
Lighting fireworks in parking lots,
illuminate the blackest nights.
Cherry cokes under this moonlit summer sky.
2015 Riverside, it's time to say, "goodbye."
Get on the bus, it's time to go.

Come on ladies
It's time to pop that top
And fellas, I know you're ready to rock
We went crazy cooped all winter long
And school is out, so let's get it on
Flip flop tans and some white sand
I know the perfect spot
Well the sunset better set soon
So we can get in the mood
Things start getting all heated up
When it starts getting cool, yeah
Summer nights
Everybody, are you with me?
Let that igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise
Summer nights
Everybody's feeling sexy
Holler if you're ready for some summer nights
Come on.
Now fellas, you better watch your step
Don't let them teeny french bikinis
Make you loose your breath
Back to the ladies
Ya'll keep doing ya'lls thing
'Cause everything about you makes me wanna scream
The sun is getting low
There it goes, here we go
Here comes the moon, yeah
Things start getting heated up
When it starts getting cool, yeah
Summer nights
Everybody, are you with me?
Let that igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise
Summer nights
Everybody's feeling sexy
Holler if you're ready for some summer night
It's a party down in Padre
Big bonfire on the beach
It's Coronas in Daytona y'all
Well it's wild and it's free
Summer nights
Everybody, are you with me?
Let that igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise
Summer nights
Everybody's feeling sexy
Holler if you're ready for some summer nights
Come on
Summer nights
Everybody, are you with me?
Let that igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise
Summer nights
Everybody's feeling sexy
Holler if you're ready for some summer nights

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Love is... a garden party

Last night we had a sweet garden party for our work friend Jessie who is going to teach English to kids in China. My friend JJ let us have it at her pool and me and Tressie bought all the food and decor. I feel as though it turned out well. the only bad thing is... I forgot to take pictures. However, not all is left to the imagination. My party basically looked like this:

For real! With some changed... and some green. Still, it was nice. We made kabobs and I made a spinach salad and roasted potatoes to go along with it. It was a nice time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love is... 9 months?

Tyler and I celebrated our 9 month anniversary on Saturday... What the crazy? Some days it feels like our honeymoon and other days it seems like 9 years... just kidding, kind of. Ty was really creative and treated me to an awesome day. We went to This is the Place state park and then he gave me some money to buy a new pair of shoes... not that I need a new pair of shoes but I definitely want a new pair of shoes. We went to see Toy Story 3 and Ty almost cried, almost :) We both thought it was funny. We went to Jordan Commons and they have this new pop machine that lets you choose your own flavor and there are over 150 combinations you can make... I am obsessed.
On Sunday, I returned to primary and all I can say is that I hope I don't have a child like a certain member of my class. Because if I do... they will be spending a long time with my mom. The lady is a miracle worker. She has an autistic child in her class and she's been his teacher for over a year and she's got him cuddling with her! Seriously. What an amazing lady. She will be a wonderful grandma when Evan has kids.
I made my first mistake at work this week. Don't worry, no one got the wrong pills and for a mistake with meds, it was pretty minor. My bosses were really nice about it. I really like who I work for, I am pretty lucky. I also like a majority of the residents. I love to talk to the old people on my down time. They give me awesome advice hahaha... for real though. A lot of them have taught me different things about life and I love to listen to their stories. We have 2 men that have purple hearts and we have 4 WWII veterans, 1 of which was a POW. The ladies have really cool stories too. A few of them have shown me how I do NOT want to be though. Yesterday was the 1st day I almost cried at work, but I held it in :)
Last... but definitely not least, I ordered a vintage spice rack from ebay and it came in the mail yesterday!!! I am SO excited about it. I am going to paint it and relabel the jars so I have the spices ready that I use the most. SAWEET!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Love is... "there was this time..."

OH MONTANA!!!!! One could not miss something as much as I miss Montana right now. Whitney and I were basically made to live near each other... not 9hrs away. It is heartbreaking.
Oh well, at least Ty and I are blessed enough to be able to visit. We had a great time. It rained a lot while we were there and I LOVED it! It was so beautiful, waking up in the morning and seeing the mist and the low clouds... It just captured my heart. The first day we were there we went shopping in Kalispell. Whitney and I went to antique shops, and Ty and James went to a junkyard... and possibly Home Depot. From there, we went home and Whit and I talked while Ty and James worked on the Cortez. After that we went to Father Bruces home and ate with the fam. I got to hold this sweet little baby named Hudson and he fell asleep in my arms. Basically if I was guaranteed a child like him, I would get prego asap.
The second day we went to the annual church breakfast. It was delicious! We were full, but not full enough to pass up the worlds greatest cinnamon rolls from Brookies. We walked around town for a while, and then went back to Whitney and James' for a quick nap and a friendly game of phase10. WHTNEY dominated, while I came in 2nd. SAWEET!
Our 3rd and final day was bittersweet. We went to church and then had some lunch. We watched Paper Heart and then took another nap. After that we went to watch the beautiful fireworks on the lake.
I LOVE MONTANA!! P.S. sorry the pictures are all out of order

My sweet girls Savannah and Autumn
Autumn challenges Ty to a race
and Tyler has to push her over to win
(insert some cliche BFF statement)... but seriously
He wanted to be chief, and I challenged his authority

Jake kept shooting Tyler throughout the trip...
baby Hudson
Canola fields
Tyler decided to stuff is bra while we were there...

Savvy and her flower power crown

Jake challenged Tyler to a dual
Whit was really excited to watch them fight

We miss you Whit!! and James too. Tyler is lonely. Hopefully we can live together in a southern plantation at the compound we set up in tent city.