Friday, December 28, 2012

Love is... nostalgia

 For Christmas I wanted to get both parents something a little sentimental/funny to go along with the regular Christmas type gifts we were giving them. I saw a lot of people recreating their childhood photos and I thought that would be perfect for my nostalgic heart and so I went for it! Everyone was a really good sport... especially Tylers brother..s. I already have an idea for next year and I'm psyched!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Love is... I've fallen

I was super torn about what to blog about today. In one corner we have something so aggravating (or maybe it's your thing) and in the other we have the occasional "what makes Kat laugh out loud" post. Then, like lightning from the sky, an inspired thought hit me smack in the head and I merged the two together. I am going to tell you about what made me so hot and bothered AND THEN I am going to show you how I got over it. Straight up genius.

Have you ever had that moment when you stumble across something and it just makes you soooo mad? You're brain is saying "this is ludicrous and the definition of pathetic and because you are WAY better than this, you are going to walk away" but then your heart is saying "OH NO SHE DIDN'!" I found myself caught in the crosshairs of head and heart and this time, I chose the heart. I realize by posting about this that A. I am giving attention to the very thing I despise B. I am becoming just as ridiculous as my "pants wearing sisters" and C. that this makes me somewhat of a hypocrite because I spout the Gandhism of being the change you wish to be... Anyway here it is. The issue that has made yours truly annoyed enough to blog about it

Wearing pants to church. Super dumb. I know. Why do these people even care? Wear your damn pants. This group here want the women of the LDS church to wear pants on Sunday to protest the inequalities between women and men in the church. Cool. I'll pass but thanks for the invite. This doesn't make me mad at all. I like wearing my skirts and dresses but if someone wanted to wear a pant suit it's no skin off my nose. What is a big deal are the really stupid comments from some feminist LDS women that want the priesthood and some LDS men saying that women really are inferior and that is why they need a man with the priesthood. That does make me mad. What also makes me mad is that I can't wear pants without being a feminist and I can't wear a skirt without being a submissive woman SO what the hell am I supposed to wear this Sunday? All of these people need to go step on a lego or something. I really don't like them. Can't we all focus on the countless other problems in the world? Maybe we should make sure everyone in the world owns a pair of pants before we start complaining about which pair to wear. 

Anyway, to cheer myself up I went onto the humor section of Pinterest which is a guaranteed laugh. I found this little gem and I cannot stop laughing. Like - I feel super bad for the kid because that doesn't look very comfortable but I cannot stop laughing. I also found my favorite grumpy cat meme ever because I love the grumpy cat and I freaking hate that song. They go so well together. Ryan Gosling acting out the Ryan Gosling meme. Which is AMAZING. And finally, Gay men will marry your girlfriends... which is slightly inappropriate.  I don't recommend watching it, unless you plan on wearing pants to church. Then you're probably fine.

Found on Pinterest

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Love is... 'Tis the season

 For coats and... colds. I had a cold last week. I ended up sounding like Terri from the "Don't Smoke" commercials. It was rough. One of the upsides is that I got to take sweet, sweet NyQuil to help me sleep. Little side note about me and the NyQuil, I may as well be doing crack. I get CRAZY. Tyler keeps egging me on to take it even though I don't even feel sick anymore because he thinks my pain is funny. Also, I woke up to my pinterest page and all of these things I would NEVER pin if I had been paying more attention.

Seriously, how sad is it that I can't even hold my own on NyQuil. Also happening on the home front. Jude has decided that he can help himself to the groceries on the way home. We were driving home and it was just a little too quiet and the faint smell of Key Lime was in the air, which was suspicious because we do not live in the South and it's winter. I looked back and discovered Jude with a half open yogurt container. He was using his finger to move from the packaging to his mouth.