Saturday, May 18, 2013

Love is... running

Our cute friend Emma had the idea to run the Thanksgiving Point 5K last year and it has now become a tradition. The morning started out pretty rough but it was okay because I made Tyler run it with me so I could have a buddy at my walking pace. It was a beautiful day!

 Can you even tell that I am adopted? For realsies, I look like I belong in this pic.

 Malorie got a beautiful new camera and it took all of these pictures.

 Amanda joined us and signed Judes cast, which was great because we love the ladies signatures. It gives him street cred.

Love is... an ode to the cast

These past four weeks have been interesting, hectic, heartbreaking, and all around crazy. It was quite the experience and although the Jude is adorable in a cast, I'm not hoping for it to come back... ever. Like... never ever. The experience taught us a lot. Mostly that we have the best friends and parents anyone could ask for. So many visitors, treats, well wishes, and prizes. Thanks for all your love, visits, and cast signatures. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Love is... ConGRADulations

My sweet little mom decided to go back to school a little while ago and what do ya know, she's now a Master of Public Administration. She went to BYU and basically owned the place. Highest GPA, awards, blah blah blah... we expected nothing less. And what do daughters do when their mothers graduate? We throw a parties.

We had such a BLAST! The food was delish and company was hilarious. Basically my friend Nat did all the decorating and Tyler made about 5 different snack runs for me. Ultimately all I ended up doing was dictating (probably because I am the loudest) so why not go with what ya know, right?