Friday, December 28, 2012

Love is... nostalgia

 For Christmas I wanted to get both parents something a little sentimental/funny to go along with the regular Christmas type gifts we were giving them. I saw a lot of people recreating their childhood photos and I thought that would be perfect for my nostalgic heart and so I went for it! Everyone was a really good sport... especially Tylers brother..s. I already have an idea for next year and I'm psyched!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Love is... I've fallen

I was super torn about what to blog about today. In one corner we have something so aggravating (or maybe it's your thing) and in the other we have the occasional "what makes Kat laugh out loud" post. Then, like lightning from the sky, an inspired thought hit me smack in the head and I merged the two together. I am going to tell you about what made me so hot and bothered AND THEN I am going to show you how I got over it. Straight up genius.

Have you ever had that moment when you stumble across something and it just makes you soooo mad? You're brain is saying "this is ludicrous and the definition of pathetic and because you are WAY better than this, you are going to walk away" but then your heart is saying "OH NO SHE DIDN'!" I found myself caught in the crosshairs of head and heart and this time, I chose the heart. I realize by posting about this that A. I am giving attention to the very thing I despise B. I am becoming just as ridiculous as my "pants wearing sisters" and C. that this makes me somewhat of a hypocrite because I spout the Gandhism of being the change you wish to be... Anyway here it is. The issue that has made yours truly annoyed enough to blog about it

Wearing pants to church. Super dumb. I know. Why do these people even care? Wear your damn pants. This group here want the women of the LDS church to wear pants on Sunday to protest the inequalities between women and men in the church. Cool. I'll pass but thanks for the invite. This doesn't make me mad at all. I like wearing my skirts and dresses but if someone wanted to wear a pant suit it's no skin off my nose. What is a big deal are the really stupid comments from some feminist LDS women that want the priesthood and some LDS men saying that women really are inferior and that is why they need a man with the priesthood. That does make me mad. What also makes me mad is that I can't wear pants without being a feminist and I can't wear a skirt without being a submissive woman SO what the hell am I supposed to wear this Sunday? All of these people need to go step on a lego or something. I really don't like them. Can't we all focus on the countless other problems in the world? Maybe we should make sure everyone in the world owns a pair of pants before we start complaining about which pair to wear. 

Anyway, to cheer myself up I went onto the humor section of Pinterest which is a guaranteed laugh. I found this little gem and I cannot stop laughing. Like - I feel super bad for the kid because that doesn't look very comfortable but I cannot stop laughing. I also found my favorite grumpy cat meme ever because I love the grumpy cat and I freaking hate that song. They go so well together. Ryan Gosling acting out the Ryan Gosling meme. Which is AMAZING. And finally, Gay men will marry your girlfriends... which is slightly inappropriate.  I don't recommend watching it, unless you plan on wearing pants to church. Then you're probably fine.

Found on Pinterest

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Love is... 'Tis the season

 For coats and... colds. I had a cold last week. I ended up sounding like Terri from the "Don't Smoke" commercials. It was rough. One of the upsides is that I got to take sweet, sweet NyQuil to help me sleep. Little side note about me and the NyQuil, I may as well be doing crack. I get CRAZY. Tyler keeps egging me on to take it even though I don't even feel sick anymore because he thinks my pain is funny. Also, I woke up to my pinterest page and all of these things I would NEVER pin if I had been paying more attention.

Seriously, how sad is it that I can't even hold my own on NyQuil. Also happening on the home front. Jude has decided that he can help himself to the groceries on the way home. We were driving home and it was just a little too quiet and the faint smell of Key Lime was in the air, which was suspicious because we do not live in the South and it's winter. I looked back and discovered Jude with a half open yogurt container. He was using his finger to move from the packaging to his mouth. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Love is... let it show!

Do you like what I did there in the title? Let it show, instead of snow? Anyone? Anyone? Well, if you haven't guessed it by now then let me spell it out for ya... this post is about Christmas! Well, almost all about it. There's some Thanksgiving in there too. 

This was Judes reaction to coming down Saturday morning and seeing a giant tree in his play space.  He keeps pointing at it like this. He's been really good though and I haven't noticed any ornaments missing... yet. 

We ate Thanksgiving dinner at the Morrows and it was DELISH. Kris makes the best stuffing and Mike made this new green bean recipe... I was in heaven. Kris bought Jude an Indian costume to get things festive and I thought he looked soooooo cute, even though his skin has zero trace of Indian in it. He's as white as the come.

After dinner we put Jude down for his long winters nap and we both bundled up to head up to Park City to do some Black Friday shopping. I always insist on being up there at 8ish so I can sit on the bench and claim the first spot in line. Tyler is always so accommodating and willing to freeze along with me. Mike and Kris kindly kept an eye on Jude until we got back. We got some steals while we were there. Although, I don't know how we got out alive. That place was PACKED. Home boy in charge of the door just kept letting people in. They were waaaaaaaaay beyond their fire code capacity.

Friday night we went to the Roof with my parents and brosef to enjoy a evening full of gluttony. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It's a tradition that we've kept alive for quite a few years. 

Also, on a side note... can I just tell you that I have seen the new Twilight movie 3 times in the past week and tonight, it will be a fourth. Sincerely, it's not that I am obsessed. I just keep getting all of these opportunities to go and it's not like I'm going to turn down a free chance to see Edward, or Jacob, or Kellan Lutz. Because a man that beautiful, deserves to be adressed by his real name. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Love is... Give a little Thanks

I have a lot to be thankful for in this life of mine and since it is the day of "thanks" giving, I thought I would give some shout outs. Pull up a chair, because this is going to be a long one.

I am superbly grateful for my cozy little home. It's little, but it's ours. It's a little cookie cutter, but it's safe.
I am so grateful for music. That's kind of silly, but I value it so much. I can name songs for every moment and feeling in my life. I joke all the time that Dave speaks to me soul, but he really does. When a good song is playing and moment is just right, you can feel something in the universe.
In a more broad way, I am grateful for all of my senses. The classic "would you rather be blind or deaf" question is hard for me to answer. I value both and all my senses. I feel so much sorrow for people who don't have the basic every day abilities that I do.
I am so grateful for my ability to choose. Choices are what make us unique. The concept of being an individual to me is amazing and I am so grateful for the ability to make choices that shape who I am. I am grateful for the ability to chose who I married. Not everyone has that option, which is wrong. I value that choice more than I think most people will ever know or understand.
I am so grateful for my Cougar. He is my best pal and seriously, like a child to me. We cuddle all the time.

I am grateful for families. Tylers family has adopted me as their own, especially his parents and I love that I have a safe haven to turn to if all else fails. Tylers mom has become one of my besties and not everyone gets that with in-laws, so I am really grateful for her. My family is really fun and my mom is such a good grandma to Jude. She teaches him so much in our visits and she's a great sounding board for me. Our dads are both hard workers and SOOOOO intelligent it's baffling. 

 I value, so much, my dear friends. I just recently went through a bummer time and so many people were there with advice and sympathy to bring me out of my rut. You know who you are and I love you! Natalie has been one of my most long standing friends and she is dear to my heart. We have such a unique relationship and have been through so much together. Whitney is amazing. She is with her husband in Peru building a temple for heaven sakes! It sounds romantic, but it's hard! She left everything she knows. What a gal! We love James too. Sincerely, they have accepted us as their own. My cousin Jenny is also someone I count as a close friend. I'll tell you what, she has the best advice for just about everything and has saved me from myself multiple times. I can e-mail her any question and at any time and she always responds with a plan or a step program to help me out. Tyler has some amazing friends too. They all came to Judes birthday, and what group of 25 year olds really want to spend a Friday night at a one year olds birthday party, but they came and it was SO fun. He has a really great group of friends and I think they are swell.

I am so very grateful for the job I had for the past two+ years. I learned a lot about myself and other people. I also gained an incredible knowledge of all things ENT and a limited but still valuable knowledge of the medical field. Dr T is one of my most favorite people and he taught me a majority of those lessons. ( This pic is not Dr. T but it was taken at work). 

I am sp happy, lucky, and grateful that we took a trip to England. It was a lifelong dream that I fulfilled at such a young age. The experience was incredible and I wouldn't trade it for anything. This is a picture of Tyler on his mission with the Walkers. I LOVE the Walkers. Like... hardcore love. 

My little son is one of my greatest blessings. Even though he came to us relatively easy, we were given the impression that he was years away from being ours. That was such a blow to me and I still consider him my miracle child. He teaches me things every day and we have so much fun every day.

Finally, Tyler is such a guy. He works SO hard. He's at work from 7-5 and then school from 6-9. I usually don't  see him until 10pm but when he does get home he's helping me with the dishes or taking out the trash. He takes some time with me before starting his homework and always peaks on our son before going to bed. He is so fun and faithful and just kind of perfect for me. He balances out my crazy, impulsive side with his calm, planning self. Plus, he bought me a home and furniture and clothes and trips to England and Canada. What a sugar daddy! Not but seriously, I love him dearly. 

I hope everyone has a delicious Thanksgiving and even though you're almost all eating a turkey, I still love you .

Monday, November 12, 2012

Love is... famous by association!

Last week Tyler and I were sitting on our couch, watching Snow White and the Huntsman and playing on our phones. I logged onto facebook and saw that our friend Spencer DeMann had posted this hilarious meme featuring none other than our dear friend Emma Westwood! It took me a while to decipher its true meaning, since my 8th grade spanish will only take me so far in life. I picked up the words fotos and obviously everyone knows the bano. 5 and 37 are self explanatory and judging by the attire, la luna was probably the moon. Luckily Spencer translated for us and I had to phone Emma ASAP! Tyler and I were rolling on the floor in hysterics. 

The next day Emma found the meme in its english version being passed around the internet. The general consensus is that she is a major hottie. I believe she's up to 20,000+ likes and has hundreds of comments. She has also earned the cherished spot of my favorite internet meme, moving the "ermahgerd" girl and bad luck Brian to second and third place, respectively. 

Emma, inquiring minds would like to know, is being a celebrity as hard as the tabloids make it out to be? To see Emmas announcement of the news AND to read all the comments of people from around the world visiting her blog because of the meme, click here.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Love is... Happy Halloweenie!

That's how I said it to Jude "Happy Halloweenie" because for some reason, with a little son, I have to change all the words I say to him. My poor, poor child is going to show up on the first day of kindergarten with a completely different concept of the English language than all the other kids.


Anyway, for Halloween this year we did a Morrow family costume theme. I was slightly skeptical at first, but let me tell you, we ALL rocked it. Tyler is always kind enough to dress up with me because I never quite moved on from being five, but this year everyone dressed up with me and I loved it!

Here we are! All Peter Panny. On the left we have the Jordan Morrow family. Mr. and Mrs. Darling (please note the map on his shirt), and their kids Wendy, John, and Michael. Then you have Peter Pan, tinkerbell, and a lost boy. Finally we have Hook, Smee, and Tiger Lily. Seriously, I think we rock. 

The only person that could have rocked a little bit more is... Dumbledore? Is that you? No. ALthough you may think it is, your eyes deceive you (Jude's eyes clearly were). It is actually my father in law Mike. My father in law is definitely cooler than your father in law. 

We had an awesome time at Kris' annual Halloween party. This lady knows how to through a party. Complete with gingerbread haunted house decorating. For Halloween day we stayed at home. Jude is too little to eat a lot of candy and then I would just end up eating it which is no bueno for me or my pants. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Love is... Randomness

This post is superbly random. I'm pretty okay with it. Our lives are pretty random too. 

For our anniversary, we always head to our favorite place, Cucina Toscana. It is SO scrumptious. I wish I could eat there every day. Straight up yo. Spencer and Kalie DeMann were kind enough to watch Juder for us. They are so kind. 
**Yes, that is tiramisu. Yes, I ate almost all of it. No I am not ashamed. I'll probably get a tattoo next. 

A few days later I got to watch my friends, the Teerlinks, participate in the Price is Right. Natalie won BIG TIME. Im talking a computer, printer, washer and dryer, coach purses, and a treadmill. Her mom was on the Price is Right when she was young too. This is a pic of her dad. He's SO excited for her. 

Recently, Jude has been looking more like a little boy and less like a baby. It's really fun but it also breaks my heart a little bit. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Love is... going strong!

Today is the day I married Ty 3 years ago, right now to minute... almost. Still, how exciting! How lucky am I to be married to a guy that is so driven, kind, faithful, patient, silly, and sexy! Guys... he is pretty sexy. Can I just say, that even though I look pretty freakin' happy in this picture, I am more happy now.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Love is...hooray for twins!!

Yeah! We're prego with twins, didn't you know? Haha not. Last week I had the opportunity to watch my nephew Lucas while my sister in law joined her husband in NY for a sweet trip for two. I was pretty stoked to try out the two child system and you can always count on well behaved children from Gordo and Cari so why not go with what you know? I am pleased to announce that despite some minor adjustments, it all went well and I survived like a boss. 

 We started our adventure off with a walk. Cougar loved the idea of a bigger stroller. Is that like big trucks for guys? Maybe. Anyway, he was all about it. 

 Little buddy Luc didn't even make it out of the neighborhood. Jude just wanted to play with his toes.


We had some sweet dance parties... everyone participated except for Cougar. 
 During one of our dance sessions I taught Luc how to dance Gangnam style. Jude wouldn't have any of it. Apparently he is too cool for asian music videos. 
 We all cuddled on the couch right before bedtime, including Jude's duck bum hair. 

 Sometimes Luc needed a solid cuddled
60% of the time, works every time. 

Also on the Kat front, I discovered an Etsy shop that I must share. It is called Antique Graphique. It's like 100 pages of antique looking graphics for $1.00. What? Yes. One dollar. He has a lot of themes like Christmas and Halloween. You just pay a dollar, get the PDF, and print it on WHATEVER you want, HOWEVER many times you want. Hi. My name is Kat and I am addicted to vintage prints. It has been 0 days since I bought my last one.