Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Love is... roasting by an open fire

Mmmmm, roasting by an open fire, cuddling with the person you are so madly in love with... OH WAIT! Hahaha, what was I thinking. That is definitely not me. This forecasted blizzard has brought me nothing but grief and pain and I didn't even get a snow day. It is 5 o'clock and my husband still isn't home. I had to work all day even though my doctor wasn't in. I had to check the news every 15 minutes because the snow warning as put my nerves on edge for the drive home. Also, I had a cold over the weekend and one of the doctors wrote me a script for an antibiotic today. Forgetting that everyone in Utah was not mormon (excuse me, LDS) and did not have a 72 hour kit, I went to Smiths to fill my prescription. Well much to my chagrin the parking lot was packed and the only spot that became available was supposed to go to me but my conscience took over and I gave my spot to a lady and her car full of children. On my way out of the parking lot, with no antibiotic, I noticed carts full of canned goods, blankets, matches, flashlights, and 5 gallon water jugs. Really? I guessed I missed the news cast that the world was ending. So thank you to the paranoid Utahans out there who had to go to Smiths right then and there. I will probably get pneumonia and die in the next 24 hours because I cannot take the antibiotics I do desperately need, but hey, at least you have enough water in case someone in your family gets extra thirsty.
Moral of the story: Even if you are not LDS, listen to the prophet and get your 72-hour kit.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Love is... support

Sometimes in life you just need some support. I am convinced that is why I met Tyler. He is always supporting me with everything and anything that I decide to do. This past week, he has really been there... what a pal!
On Monday I had an appointment with my OB (sorry... this may be a TMI post) for my endometriosis pain. Recently is has gotten super bad. So, bless his heart, Ty takes work off and comes with me. He sits with me through all the awkward women talk and does not even complain. They gave me some pain pills and tell me to come back so I can talk with the doctor, not the PA on Friday. So this whole week my guy has been taking care of me while I am all drugged up. We get to the appointment on Friday and the doctor tells me that she won't do surgery because she wants to try me on injections. The injections would put me into menopause for six months and the endo pain would get a lot worse before it got better so they were going to send me to a pain clinic. She left the room and, once again, there is my shoulder to cry on. He was right there to hold my hand and let me get my few tears out. He has listened all week while I have been scared that maybe we can't get pregnant, just listening to me vent. He rubs my back at night so I can get my mind off the pain and fall asleep. He made me dinner and asked his dad to surprise me with a sunday at work (thanks Mike!!). Finally, today, just moments ago when I decided not to do the injections... he supported me with my decision. I could not be luckier.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Love is... my man!

I just love my man. It is SO weird to me that I have a man. As weird as it may be though, I am grateful. Hopefully my love sick blog posts do not make you put your hand over your mouth to contain the contents of your previous meal. He is just too amazing to not talk about. He takes care of me... even when I don't feel like I need to be taken care of me. He is like my little mother hen. He works so hard and some how always seems to know what I need. I don't know what I'd do without him.

Aaannnddd on that cheesy note, let's move on to the awesome moment of the week. Football anyone? No? Okay. I won't shoot below the belt. I have tried to conceal my smirks... I really have tried. Go COUGS!

Sweet stories? I cannot think of any really. My mother in law and I made some pretty picture frames on Saturday. Alright, fine. She made some pretty picture frames... and I made a mediocre one. But I have so much inspiration for future artistic projects so be prepared.

Kalie DeMann and I are hosting a Holiday at Hogwarts party in honor of the movie release. She made the MOST adorable invites. I will post millions of pictures when the event is over. And Emma is making cupcakes. She makes the prettiest cupcakes. So basically I am contributing nothing to this party but my pretty face... and it is a pretty face. BUT! it would be prettier if...

It looked like this. And was wearing this sweater... Im just sayin.

I seriously cannot think of anything else. This is what happens when you get married to the man of your dreams and live in your own little bubble.

P.S. My work requires that I bring a white elephant gift to the annual Christmas party... I am now taking your suggestions. I need HELP!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Love is... Where are you Christmas?

I have so many stories... forgive my unprofessional layout.
I love my job, I truly do... and I would write about it more often I just feel like every time I say the words "this patient today..." I am violating all sorts of HIPAA laws. But just know, that some people are crazy and possibly... bring concealed weapons with them when they go to the doctors office and maybe, just maybe! they drop all sorts of immature hints about the metal they are packing and it could be likely that this same person also flashed there hidden method of murder to me at least 3 times... but nothing is for sure. Some people are weird.

On a brighter note, Tyler is pretty much superman! He broke up a fight yesterday right outside of our apartment! Unbelievable? Believe it. Picture this... two men. Walking. One is a 6'5 beast of a man, the other is a 5'6 fatty. They are both walking in the same pathway (on the sidewalk) in opposite directions and BAM! they collide. The beast turns to fatty, about to apologize like any decent human over the age of 5 and fatty spits in his face! Words started to be exchanged and fatty said a lot of things like "thats right man bring it" or "really bitch, you want to start something?" and finally the beast decks fatty in the left eye so hard he is on the ground and the beast is holding him down with his fist. Ty runs over along with some other good samaritans and Ty holds the fattys arms down because fatty is still trying to egg the beast on. One of the good samaritans is phoning the cops and fatty says "thats right, phone the cops. We will see what happens." So the beast decides to leave and fatty is still talking to him but he doesn't care. Fatty finally gets up and decides to leave and the cops were not needed... all because my husband saved the day.

Finally, someone asked me if I voted the other day. I informed them that I could not because I was Canadian, but I would have if I could have. She responded by being silent for a moment and then replied with "Oh... Well did you have your husband vote for you?" Trust me lady, I tried.

Other than those stories and a fun halloween dinner at my in laws on Friday, life has been pretty boring. I was a butterfly for halloween and Tyler was a butterfly catcher. Hopefully there are pictures to come!

P.S. I know where Christmas is... it is in my house. Because I put my tree up. Today. Because it is simply too amazing to only be up for 25 days. Don't judge me.