Saturday, March 31, 2012

Love is... Adios March, Aloha April

Here are the last of my little picture project. It was fun... but I wasn't very prompt with my posts.

17. green//the girls at Kalies St. Patts parTAY

18. Corner of your home// my favorite corner!
19. Funny// Admit it... this is funny
20. Before and after// In this case, after and before

21. Delicious//Happy 1/2 way Jude
22. Kitchen sink// Literally, our kitchen sink. I couldn't think of a way to get creative here. I guess I could have shown you a picture of what's in the garberator.
23. the moon// I know I didn't take this on this day... but it is a moon
24. an animal//the cougar!!!!
25. Breakfast//Just eatin our sweet potatoes
26. key// The key necklace Ty bought me as a wedding gift. I have yet to take it off.

27.Your name//obviously these do not say Kat Morrow, but they do have my name ALL over them.28. Trash// This is someones throat after overdosing on heroine... gross!!
29. Feet//Who has such lovely pink toes? Hint: it's not Jude...
30. A toy// Judes bird is his favorite buddy
31. Where you relax//This is where we chill out and spend most of our time

Friday, March 16, 2012

Love is... March madnesss

Nope. No NCAA here. Just some more pictures that I neglected to upload on Wednesday.

7. Something you wore// Just my happy yellow striped PJ bottoms
8. Window// If I had to pick a favorite window in our home, I think this would be it.
9. Red//The red section of my closet... notice how it isn't very big.
10. Loud// Though they are quiet now, these kids can cause quite a raucous. Luckily for them they're cute and I love hearing them play. Please note the matching Buzz toys both little boys are holding onto. It keeps the peace.
11. One you talked to today//We're always talkin and laughin.
12. Fork//Thanks Anthropologie...
13. A sign// PEACE!!!!!!
14. Clouds// Yay for rain clouds... and then there was none
15. Car//Shamelessly stolen from the internet. 5 million dollaroonies to the person that can name this beauty. Its not that hard. Hint: I didn't google the official name, just Eleanor.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Love is... the merry month of March

My dear, sweet friend Emma did the February photo challenge... and I loved it! So I've copied her and decided to do the March challenge. I'll hopefully post new pictures each Wednesday, but I had to post pictures today instead of Wednesday because I am getting my first cavity filled tomorrow. Ahhh! Pray for me. They gave me Valium to get through the door and promised me laughing gas to get in the chair. Tylers friend Malorie talked me through the basics and I'll have Dave on my ipod so hopefully I won't pay attention to what is going on... namely the GIANT NEEDLES in my mouth. The lady at the dentists office told me at least four times "Make sure you have a driver" "Make SURE you have a driver". I have a driver. I also have a babysitter thanks to my sweet sister-in-law Sarah who so kindly accepted the Jude tending task so my baby doesn't have to see me fall to pieces. Anyway, enough about my impending doom... here are my pictorials thus far

1. Up//A little pick me up... relax, it's a Chai.

2. A fruit//I am ashamed to say... I had no fruit to be found in our home, but there's fruit on the bottle!
3.Your Neighborhood// Well... Welcome!
4. Bedside//Ugh, while this is clearly NOT my bedside it is, indeed, the collection of glasses that I had residing there.
5. A Smile//This bum makes me smile
6. 5pm// Just hanging waiting for mom to take a shower...