Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Love is... Welcome January

This is a total downer post, just warning you. Last week Jude got the flu and it was a top 5 saddest moment of my life.  That has now lead to me getting the flu which is not a top anything for me but still very annoying. I feel like all moms should get a free pass from being sick. It's already so unfair that our bodies take a hit but when your face starts to get all snotty and your energy depletes... well, that's just mean. You hear that universe? I think you are MEAN!

Anyway, if you find yourself suffering from the flu as I currently do, I recommend you do the following:

*Chicken noodle soup from The Porcupine Pub and grill (I know there are people out there who are going to just smirk at this. Yes. I have had CHICKEN noodle soup. I feel fine about it. Not great... but not sad either). Seriously though, this stuff has helped me before and I have complete faith that it will help me again. If you are not in Utah to partake... well, just count your blessings that you don't have to deal with the smog either.

*A good book. I recently started reading Harry Potter over again.
* A detox bath. Pinterest has a ton of different variations of a detox bath. I read a few a condensed them to this version:
~2 cups epsom salts (draws toxins out of the body, relieves aches and pains)
~2 cups baking soda (neutralizes an acidic system?)
~Ground ginger (increases circulation)
~ a few drops of your FAVE essential oil ( I used my lavender because a. its for relaxation and b. it's all I had)

*Be okay with the TV. I'll tell you what, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has SAVED my life as of late. 
*Finally... Drugs. The over the counter kind, not the back alley kind. Use and ABUSE those bad boys. Only a tablespoon of NyQuil you say? I say nay nay. Ever since the influenza of 2013 hit I've been on every drug Harmons has to offer AND I stocked up on Diet Coke. I've made peace with my maker about that so... it's all good.

Good luck to all you flu-ers out there and if you are lucky enough to not have death knock at your door... well, we don't want you around anyway. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Love is... a new year

This past year was simply amazing for us. I could not have asked life for more. Here's a recap of our little trio's 2012. 

Jude went from cuddler to mover

 He also got his first passport photo

 He ALSO had his first egg hunt 

 This sexy beast ran a 1/2 marathon AND the Ragnar

We went to England

 We celebrated fathers day up the canyon (thanks for the awesome idea Cari!)

 We went to Canada and Montana 

 Celebrated quite a few birthdays

 Including this dudes numero uno!

 We hung out with cousins and had awesome dance parties and bubble baths

 Tyler and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and Kalie and Spencer babysat Jude for us
 My Cougar came to live with us

 We celebrated a most wonderful Christmas and were overwhelmed with the generosity of family and friends.

This year was one of my most favorite years and I just don't know how 2013 is going to measure up... but I can't wait to find out!
Not pictured: My immense knowledge of disney junior theme songs.