Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Love is... a vacation

Finally, Ty and I got to go on a vacation. We sure needed one, real life is rough! We went to St. George with Tyler's close friend Jason and his fiance Jessica. Tyler and I had a blast. We pretty much just got to chill out and answer to no one and not worry about bills, cleaning, or laundry. Some highlights of our road trip include (but are not limited to) the following:

Eating at the Rainforest Cafe in the MGM
Seeing the lions at the MGM
Getting called a ginger (Kat) by a black man on the strip... I almost cried
Gambling (Ty) and getting asked for ID (Kat) more than once
Getting attacked by a bat (Kat)
Going for a hike with Jason and Jess at the Petrified Dunes
Mother Hen (Ty) not letting me (Kat) free climb anything higher than 5'
Golfing at Entrada (Ty)
Laying out with Jess and catching too many rays (Kat)
Trying to find a place to eat because prom in St. G made everything take an hour
Only using 1/2 a tank to get home from St.G

Now that we are back to real life, madness is picking up right where we left off. It snowed yesterday which was an awesome welcome home gift from Mother Nature. I also started my raw foods diet yesterday... so far it sucks and I really don't know why I wanted to do it. BUT! Never let it be said that Kathryn Rae Chymboryk Morrow is a quitter. Yesterday my menu consisted of

A raw granola bar
Spinich salad with vanilla balsamic vinaigrette dressing
5 raw cookies
2 pickles
I made the cookies up and so far they have saved my life. All I did was mix coconut, banana, oats, flax seed, raisins, and agave sweetener.
So far this diet has been expensive and time consuming. You need a blender and a dehydrator if you wish to make this a long term relationship. Right now, I am just making due with the blender.

*** Just to clarify, I am not on this diet to lose weight. I just read about the health benefits and wanted to try it for a month***

Song I am listening to right now
Closer to Love - Mat Kearney

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Love is... in sickness and in health

Ty has been sick for ever a week. He has this amazing cough that just refuses to go away. He goes into convulsions every 5 seconds... it's rough. 2 nights ago, he decided to forgo the NyQuil so he could be more alert during the coming work day. Unfortunately, it was not a unanimous vote between Mr. Morrow and his body so, every hour he was sitting up in bed, hacking up a lung. I felt so bad for him, and slightly for myself... but more for him. So, being the caring wife that I am, I encouraged him to take the NyQuil again, for both our sakes. He complied and at 11:30 he was out. However, at 11:30 he was also mumbling, snoring, breathing heavy, thrashing, or a compilation of all four. I am glad he slept though, and will be more glad when this cough leaves.
Tomorrow we are going to VEGAS and ST.GEORGE! They say sunshine is good for the soul. I hope so, since Tyler's chicken soup obviously didn't work.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Words cannot describe the glorious beauty that was the concert.
Silversun pickups-
If I was not married to the most incredible man on earth... I would want to be married to Brian Aubert. I have loved this band ***CLICHE ALERT*** since before they were nominated for best new artist. They amaze me. I love their style. I cannot believe I got to see them live.

As Stephanie Meyer once wrote, "they are the Gods of music". Besides being incredibly talented music wise, they know how to put on an amazing show, and they are English and who doesn't love the English?

Our concert consisted of the following-
arriving at the show, and getting into the line that no one was in. I felt like it was too good to be true and the lady at the door informed us that this was GA floor only. "Oh" I said. "That's not us. Ty, let's get into this line." Lady at the door "No. This is right... you're on the floor."
Talk about a shock. I had no idea that I bought floor tickets. I tend to avoid the floors at rock concerts because I am smaller than most and this usually equates to being trampled over. Plus! I wore sandals. Luckily... I have a husband, who works out, so I felt more at ease.
We received our bright pink wrist bands and made our way to the floor.
For some reason, no one was sitting next to the fences on the left hand side, so we got up close to about 15' away from the stage. I seriously couldn't believe how lucky we were getting.
Ty's 2 friends were also attending the concert, so we told them to come join us when they got here.
Silversun started and I about died. They amaze me. Truly.
A pregnant lady by us has to sit on the floor and everyone was fanning her. Basically she almost went into labor because of the beauty that is the Silversun Pickups.
Ty's friends found us towards the end of Silversun and all was well... for a while.
When Muse started I was pretty sure I was going to lose my life. Ty made the executive decision to stand behind me (which I appreciated).
On their second or third song, some kid decided he wanted to get closer and started elbowing people out of his way. He elbowed a lady standing next to us and her husband was like BAM! laid down the law! Put his fist in the kids face and everything. He told the kid to get in the back, and the kid followed instructions. It was intense.
Following that, a bunch of stupid kids were getting really rowdy right in front of me. One of Ty's friends offered to stand in front of me and I ended up being the the middle of a safety triangle. They all pretty much saved my life, and my toes.

Long story short, it was amazing!

Love is... something bigger than us

Good news guys... 2 posts today (again). There is just something about listening to Glen Hansard and Beck and Dave Matthews that makes me feel sentimental.
I must admit, I have been slightly depressed lately. It's like the kind of depression I get when I see an animal die... the kind I just can't shake.
A lady at work died a week ago. It's okay and it's for the best. It's not the first death I have been through... but still.
She was a sweetheart. She loved her husband very much - and he loved her. For reasons I can't list, she had to live in a home and he chose to stay at home. He was there every day and every night to tuck her in. He always talked to me after he kissed her goodnight... about my future and my husband and just me. I loved that sweet old man.
He didn't come in when she died. I think I can understand why.
A few days later Ty and I got in a little argument and he brought up work and I just started to cry. I guess that's why we were arguing. I am not good with emotions. It's hard to talk about sad things. I have trained myself not to be a crier, but with this death, I couldn't handle it anymore.
I'm not questioning the plan of salvation or anything that dramatic, I am just mourning.
Death is a really hard thing... I have only had 3 people in my life die, and none of them have been family yet. Grandma Chymboryk is going to go soon... I love her with all my heart-we are really close. I prayed every day that she could live to see me married. She didn't want to, but she did it! Now I just want her to live to see her 1st great grand baby. No, I am not pregnant... but if she could just live for a couple more years...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Love is... Easter

I loved Easter this year for so many reasons...

I finished my research paper on why people should be vegetarians
I had no work
Tyler had no work
Going out for girls night with my mother in law and sisters in law at Gardener Village
Finding a vintage blessing dress at Gardener Village
Driving around Provo and remembering all my fun times while eating a pita
(Tyler surprised me with this activity)
Conference... amazing!
Going to The Last Song with my mom during priesthood. We were cracking up the whole time because everyone else was sobbing. Miley Cyrus is not a very good actress.. so it was hard to be serious when ***SPOILER ALERT*** someone died.
Hanging out with my friends from work and some of Tylers friends
I made up a yummy dessert that Tyler gave 5 stars to
Having breakfast with my family and my puppy
Easter egg hunting at the Morrows house. We found some expensive eggs!
Having dinner at Tylers house. SO much good food.
Deciding on what to name our kids
Listening to Grace is Gone by Dave Matthews over and over again because I love it so much
AND! going to Muse.. Tonight. That's not Easter but it sure is great!

Love is... matchmaking

Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match... find me a find... catch me a catch!
Not to brag, but I have become an amazing matchmaker. Seriously.
Truthfully I have always had this knack for calling a marriage before even the participants in said relationship knew they were to wed. Recently I have set up three couples and... OH WAIT! All three are dating now, one seriously and two casually.I am feeling pretty good about myself. Hopefully I don't look like the matchmaker off of Fiddler on the Roof... that would not be so great. I am thinking of sending in my resume to the Millionaire Matchmaker and seeing if she will allow me to be her assistant.
P.S. I am now accepting applications :)