Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Love is... pictures!

Spencer was really excited about the lights

Please excuse my large stature

We are in love... didn't you know?

The baby shower pictures

Harry Potter party! Emma's cauldron cakes
The butter beer... minus the beer
Kalies wand favors. She is so awesome! She even wrote who's wands they were and what they were made out of!

Halloween! The butterfly and the butterfly catcher!
Asher looks pissed!

My ever so talented sister in law Cari took some pictures.

Tyler: The Intelligent Investor
Kat: Sense and Sensibility

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Love... Could happen to anyone!

Here is a riddle for you...
What is cold, embarrassed, and sitting on the couch in the lobby of her complex because she locked herself out?
Answer: me.
Yes. I finally did what everyone knew I would do. I left my keys inside the apartment and left for my hair appointment. How? Well because my apartment is old school, the doors lock automatically. You wouldn't know it from the outside looking in but this place is Alcatraz and not even Sean Connery could find himself a way back in to retrieve my keys. So, like a selected few members of our community, I'm just chilling by myself in the lobby. But, it is a great time to blog. Unfortunately it is not so great for the roots of my hair which have become an unsightly brownish color you would find at your local swamp. For those caring souls out there, yes, I did have to phone my stylist and confess to my where abouts and how i got here and yes, we decided it best for me to reschedule.
Oh well, I suppose I deserve it. And hey! Now you just get an extra blog helping of our lives because, believe you me brothers and sisters, I have
time to kill.
We had an awesome we last week. We had 5 parties in 3 days to attend. It was a blast. The 5th only counts as a 1/2 because I hosted a baby shower so Tyler did attend that one. It turned out quite well and I was pleased with the outcome. Don't worry, when Tyler gets here I going right upstairs to post pictures of our lives since... Oh, Halloween I guess.
Tyler and I had the most perfect thanksgiving. We slept over at tylers parents and woke up at 11... :30. Okay I woke up at 11:30. Kris made me salmon and veggie stuffing and my life was complete.
-crap- I just realized why I've been subconciously avoiding blogging. Freaking football. I know you know my thoughts. I know you know my opinions and deep down inside I know you know the truth, and that is that BYU is the better team. Also, just a side note, if I ever contract a fatal illness, my dying wish will be to hear my father in law profess his love for Bronco. Just putting that out there.
Anyway, Tyler just showed up. So tata for now.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Love is... roasting by an open fire

Mmmmm, roasting by an open fire, cuddling with the person you are so madly in love with... OH WAIT! Hahaha, what was I thinking. That is definitely not me. This forecasted blizzard has brought me nothing but grief and pain and I didn't even get a snow day. It is 5 o'clock and my husband still isn't home. I had to work all day even though my doctor wasn't in. I had to check the news every 15 minutes because the snow warning as put my nerves on edge for the drive home. Also, I had a cold over the weekend and one of the doctors wrote me a script for an antibiotic today. Forgetting that everyone in Utah was not mormon (excuse me, LDS) and did not have a 72 hour kit, I went to Smiths to fill my prescription. Well much to my chagrin the parking lot was packed and the only spot that became available was supposed to go to me but my conscience took over and I gave my spot to a lady and her car full of children. On my way out of the parking lot, with no antibiotic, I noticed carts full of canned goods, blankets, matches, flashlights, and 5 gallon water jugs. Really? I guessed I missed the news cast that the world was ending. So thank you to the paranoid Utahans out there who had to go to Smiths right then and there. I will probably get pneumonia and die in the next 24 hours because I cannot take the antibiotics I do desperately need, but hey, at least you have enough water in case someone in your family gets extra thirsty.
Moral of the story: Even if you are not LDS, listen to the prophet and get your 72-hour kit.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Love is... support

Sometimes in life you just need some support. I am convinced that is why I met Tyler. He is always supporting me with everything and anything that I decide to do. This past week, he has really been there... what a pal!
On Monday I had an appointment with my OB (sorry... this may be a TMI post) for my endometriosis pain. Recently is has gotten super bad. So, bless his heart, Ty takes work off and comes with me. He sits with me through all the awkward women talk and does not even complain. They gave me some pain pills and tell me to come back so I can talk with the doctor, not the PA on Friday. So this whole week my guy has been taking care of me while I am all drugged up. We get to the appointment on Friday and the doctor tells me that she won't do surgery because she wants to try me on injections. The injections would put me into menopause for six months and the endo pain would get a lot worse before it got better so they were going to send me to a pain clinic. She left the room and, once again, there is my shoulder to cry on. He was right there to hold my hand and let me get my few tears out. He has listened all week while I have been scared that maybe we can't get pregnant, just listening to me vent. He rubs my back at night so I can get my mind off the pain and fall asleep. He made me dinner and asked his dad to surprise me with a sunday at work (thanks Mike!!). Finally, today, just moments ago when I decided not to do the injections... he supported me with my decision. I could not be luckier.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Love is... my man!

I just love my man. It is SO weird to me that I have a man. As weird as it may be though, I am grateful. Hopefully my love sick blog posts do not make you put your hand over your mouth to contain the contents of your previous meal. He is just too amazing to not talk about. He takes care of me... even when I don't feel like I need to be taken care of me. He is like my little mother hen. He works so hard and some how always seems to know what I need. I don't know what I'd do without him.

Aaannnddd on that cheesy note, let's move on to the awesome moment of the week. Football anyone? No? Okay. I won't shoot below the belt. I have tried to conceal my smirks... I really have tried. Go COUGS!

Sweet stories? I cannot think of any really. My mother in law and I made some pretty picture frames on Saturday. Alright, fine. She made some pretty picture frames... and I made a mediocre one. But I have so much inspiration for future artistic projects so be prepared.

Kalie DeMann and I are hosting a Holiday at Hogwarts party in honor of the movie release. She made the MOST adorable invites. I will post millions of pictures when the event is over. And Emma is making cupcakes. She makes the prettiest cupcakes. So basically I am contributing nothing to this party but my pretty face... and it is a pretty face. BUT! it would be prettier if...

It looked like this. And was wearing this sweater... Im just sayin.

I seriously cannot think of anything else. This is what happens when you get married to the man of your dreams and live in your own little bubble.

P.S. My work requires that I bring a white elephant gift to the annual Christmas party... I am now taking your suggestions. I need HELP!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Love is... Where are you Christmas?

I have so many stories... forgive my unprofessional layout.
I love my job, I truly do... and I would write about it more often I just feel like every time I say the words "this patient today..." I am violating all sorts of HIPAA laws. But just know, that some people are crazy and possibly... bring concealed weapons with them when they go to the doctors office and maybe, just maybe! they drop all sorts of immature hints about the metal they are packing and it could be likely that this same person also flashed there hidden method of murder to me at least 3 times... but nothing is for sure. Some people are weird.

On a brighter note, Tyler is pretty much superman! He broke up a fight yesterday right outside of our apartment! Unbelievable? Believe it. Picture this... two men. Walking. One is a 6'5 beast of a man, the other is a 5'6 fatty. They are both walking in the same pathway (on the sidewalk) in opposite directions and BAM! they collide. The beast turns to fatty, about to apologize like any decent human over the age of 5 and fatty spits in his face! Words started to be exchanged and fatty said a lot of things like "thats right man bring it" or "really bitch, you want to start something?" and finally the beast decks fatty in the left eye so hard he is on the ground and the beast is holding him down with his fist. Ty runs over along with some other good samaritans and Ty holds the fattys arms down because fatty is still trying to egg the beast on. One of the good samaritans is phoning the cops and fatty says "thats right, phone the cops. We will see what happens." So the beast decides to leave and fatty is still talking to him but he doesn't care. Fatty finally gets up and decides to leave and the cops were not needed... all because my husband saved the day.

Finally, someone asked me if I voted the other day. I informed them that I could not because I was Canadian, but I would have if I could have. She responded by being silent for a moment and then replied with "Oh... Well did you have your husband vote for you?" Trust me lady, I tried.

Other than those stories and a fun halloween dinner at my in laws on Friday, life has been pretty boring. I was a butterfly for halloween and Tyler was a butterfly catcher. Hopefully there are pictures to come!

P.S. I know where Christmas is... it is in my house. Because I put my tree up. Today. Because it is simply too amazing to only be up for 25 days. Don't judge me.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Love is... snug as a bug

How about this weather! Yes, I know... how original. But seriously! I have learned first hand that old buildings and crazy wind storms do not go together. Last night sounded like the battle between Harry Potter and the Death Eaters. It was INSANE! I woke up to high pitched wind and rattling windows complete with thunder and lighting! I must have been awake for hours thinking that any minute a tornado was going to hit. I sincerely feared for mine and Tylers lives! And the only place we could go to was our closet. I was about 2 seconds away from making Tyler check the news for a tornado warning and then packing to our closet. When I woke Tyler up he looked at me with his eyes half open and said "mmm thats nice". That was it. 2 segundos later that boy was back to sleep, snug as a bug in a rug. Today when I told him about my tornado fear he scoffed and said "Kat. Tornados come from hot and cold air mixing together. Trust me, there is no hot air to be found at 1 am in October". Thanks Pal. Glad you have my back.
On a positive note, I did just buy myself a Barbie princess stories coloring book.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Love is... a public apology

So this week I have been driving Tylers car because he is going to take mine in to get a little check up. Before I start the meat of the story... let us first come to an understand as to what it means when I say I am driving Tyler's car.
*Kat's car has an automatic lock, Tylers does not.
*Kat's car lights automatically turn off, Tyler's do not.
*Kat's car is a pretty little Toyota Camery that is white. Tyler's is a gold honda. A GOLD honda. Gold.
Now that we are all in agreement that Kat's car is better and prettier and NOT gold, let me begin my story.
I drove to work on a Wednesday (first day I took Tylers car) and it was fine. The brakes are a little stickier than mine and obviously it is hard to feel sexy in a gold car, but I was willing to take one for the team. While on my drive KBULL 93 was having a contest to see who in the state of Utah was the most opposite couple. Naturally I submitted myself and Tyler to be in the running because we are, in fact, THE MOST opposite couple in the world and not just Utah. So cool! I was on the radio talking about my weirdo relationship. Little did I know, that would come back to bite me.
It is now 4:30 and I am ready to peace out and head home. I start to dig in my purse for the keys and... they are not there. I go out to look in Tylers car and there they are, nice and shiny, sitting in the front seat waiting for me. Great. So I go back inside with my head bowed in bowed in submission to the fact that I suck at life. I called Ty and he was really nice about it and left work right then to come and use the spare key. So in the interim I am pacing and waiting and the blessed thought occurs to me "Hey Kat! Goldie doesn't automatically lock like your car, if the keys are on the seat, you probably didn't lock it!" Glory Hallelujah, Free at last! So I run to the car and sure enough, the drivers side door is ready and waiting to be opened. So I grab the keys and get ready to bring the beast to life... nothing. The door may have not locked automatically... but the lights didn't turn off automatically either. So I killed the battery. Awesome. Anyway, no worries Tyler came to the rescue and jumped his car back to life and we drove home. But not to a happily ever after.
The next day I did everything right at work. Turn off lights. Check. Put keys in purse. Check. Lock door. Check. Everything was perfect. Conditions were perfect.
Then later in the evening I went to a movie with Kalie DeMann ( who better not laugh at me after this next part). I came out to my car after an awesome girls night out and put the keys into the ignition... nothing. Oh Kathryn. Really? Can you be this dense? The answer is yes. I can. I had left the lights on again. So poor Tyler has to be awoken from his early slumber, only to have to put on some pants and come save me again.
So then he arrived on his white steed to save the day. And he did. And it was good.
And then I told him that I couldn't find the credit card that I had used to buy gas earlier.
my bad.
So we drove to the sev that I had made my purchase at. No dice. We decided it would be best if I called Amex and put a hold on my card and if I didn't find it in 24 hours. My beautiful Amex would be toast and I would have to get a newer, uglier one. I called Amex and they were very nice! I would probably call their customer service just to shoot the breeze! Anyway, we arrive home and then my brain spoke to me once again. "Hey Kat! Maybe it slid underneath the passengers seat. You have a history of loosing things over in that area". And so I looked. And there it was. Crisis averted and patient Tyler could have a restful night.
Tyler, I really am sorry that I cause you so much frustration. Sometimes you must feel like my father. Or responsible guardian. Either way, I am glad you are around and I hope you choose to keep me because I am pretty sure..
We're meant for each other.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

love is... 1 WHOLE year later!

One year ago sunday...

I married the right guy

in the right place...

with the right cake...

and we all know it is about the cake right? No, but seriously... I tricked you didn't I? Because in the back of your mind you were thinking... really Kat? Are you seriously about to go young womens on us? Of course not :)
Can I just tell you how grateful I am though?
*Grateful for Tyler and his never ending patience
*Grateful for the Lord and his answered, and possibly some unanswered, prayers
*Grateful for Tylers parents who listen to our problems and then tell us "C'est la vie"
*Grateful for Whitney promising me it gets better after you push through months 6-9 :)
*Grateful that it really wasn't as bad as some people say it is anyway
*Grateful for Tylers friends and my friends and the awesome love vibes they send our way
*Grateful for our new digs!
*Just grateful all around
Seriously, we lucked out in the life department and I hope everyone is enjoying theirs as much as we are enjoying ours.

We went to Vegas for our 1 year and it was nice just to have a break! We did not take a lot of pictures though. Sorry?

As of right now... today... this very minute, I have started a new job. I am an MA for a doctor (we will call him Dr. T) and I feel as though I am the luckiest person on earth. What an awesome dude to work for! I seriously LOVE my job. I never want to have kids because I never want to quit. And I have already made friends so it is good! I am done with training and it is just going well. So far I have given shots and removed stitches and staples and all that fun stuff! I just love it.
I don't know if I am supposed to say this... but... cross your fingers that I don't get in trouble
Ty got a PROMOTION! Hooray for him. Seriously, he is the hardest worker on earth. He deserved it and I am just so happy for him. He doesn't want people to congratulate him though, so do not tell him I told you.

Anyway, life is good. I hope you will all come visit our small apartment in the city!
Ta ta for now!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Love is... a slight frustration

Alright kids, this is going to be a quick post. I realize that I haven't been on recently, and I have not posted anything about my new (AWESOME) job... all in due time. Right now, I am just slightly frustrated and feel like a good blog post to vent is possibly the most appropriate way to go right now. Hopefully I do not offend any body, that would be exactly opposite of what I am trying to do here. I probably should have shown this to Ty before posting it just in case I start a riot... but I don't think I will. Hopefully.
Freaking facebook, right? I have never been so tempted to delete my facebook as I am right now. In fact, I think the only time I have ever said something remotely argumentative on the book of faces is last years rivalry game... and I think everyone get's a free pass that day anyway.
However, since General Conference my facebook has been flooded with messages ranging from members disagreements with President Packers talk... to people called for him to make a public apology. They say is an old fashioned man, uneducated, bigoted, and the list goes on.
I realize that the man did take on the responsibility of speaking on a very VERY controversial topic. This topic is even controversial in my own home. Tyler and I have disagreeing opinions on the topic of homosexuality and I have truthfully found myself questioning the reasoning behind why homosexuals can't get married (separation of church and state, etc...) but because I have a firm testimony of the gospel and I respect the leaders of the church, I don't say anything because I can admit that I do not know everything about God's plan.
Boyd K. Packer is a man of God. Though I do not know him personally, I respect him as a humble servant of God who loves us and wants us to lead righteous lives so we can return to our heavenly father. As much as I do not understand why the church has the stance it does on homosexuality, my testimony and my faith come first and I stand by him and the words he spoke in his talk.
I think it is so sad and slightly ridiculous that his talk has received more attention from people calling for blood, than the pastor who threatened to burn the Qu'ran on 9/11, or the many natural disasters our world has seen just this year, or the progressive problem of world hunger, or genocide. Not only that, but the hypocrisy of people attacking President Packer for his words when he was exercising his right of free speech. It is hypocritical to fault him for doing so, when the rioters and protesters for gay marriage do that every day, while members of the church stand by and watch their religion and their prophets be attacked.
It really makes me sad. I wish people would be more tolerant on both ends. I have seen a lot of people attack the church for its stance on homosexuality and I have seen a lot of uneducated members of the church harass LGBT people. Neither of these actions is the tolerant way to handle a disagreement.
In closing, please try and focus on the entirety of President Packers talk. He stated

Some suppose that they were preset and cannot overcome what they feel are inborn tendencies toward the impure and the unnatural," he said. "Not so. Why would our Heavenly Father do that to anyone?"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love is... lazy mornings

This morning is a lazy morning. I don't really have anything to do, except for fold laundry and we all know how that goes. I am going to cherish this lazy morning though because I have a feeling it is the last lazy morning I will have for a while.
This past week I made homemade jam. It was my first time and both my freezer jam and my legit jam worked out perfectly! I made peach freezer jam with my sister in law Sarah and I made strawberry jam on my own and I love them both! Tyler and I have been eating a lot of toast and jam.

For our anniversary Tyler and I get to go to Las Vegas! I am so excited. We didn't think we were going to be able to go anywhere and I then I won a trip from my old work and so we are going! Hooray!!!!

Mostly, I just want to say that I love this guy. He makes me laugh every day!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love is... ooo lala

Tyler and I have had an eventful past month. We moved into a sweet new apartment (pictures still to come), we attended concerts and parties, AND I got a sweet new job. We are so grateful for all of the blessing that have come our way in this past month and we are especially grateful for Tyler's parents who have helped us SO much. We would be living on the curb in our moving boxes if it wasn't for them.
Ty bought tickets to Dave Matthews last year for my birthday but then he had to cancel so we were bummed. Then later on, he announced his free concert in the SLC and because we had previously purchased tickets (that were refunded) we got first pick at the free tickets. We're talking front row in the pit! It was AMAZING!!!!!

We also had the pleasure of attending Jason and Jessica Sorensons wedding! It was really fun to hang out with a lot of Tylers friends, especially the DeManns who I adore!!

Tyler and I got invited to a sweet party Kalie DeMann threw! Can I just tell you all... it was AMAZING! She put this beautiful evening together and it looked like a party right out of Martha Stewart. She is SO talented. We got to sit next to Emma and Isaac and I just love them. They were so fun to talk to!

*** Just for clarification, the last two pictures of the white party are not mine. I stole them from facebook :)***

And last, but definitely NOT least, Tyler and I went to the fair with our friends Devin and Tressie. I love the fair SO much. There are always exciting things to do and enough cotton candy to last me a lifetime! Tyler was such a sport and paid too much money for silly rides that I don't even open my eyes in! But seriously... I love the fair.

One more quick note, one of my best friends Liz Teerlink just got ENGAGED! She is AMAZING! I could dedicate an entire blog post to this girl, but she probably wouldn't like that so I am just going to say that she is awesome and I love her and she is going to have the prettiest babies!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Love is... I'm sorry?

You know what? Truthfully, I am not sorry. I don't even feel bad. These past weeks have been very busy and Ty and moved so that is why the blog has suffered. Fear not, I will right this wrong in the coming week when I have new pictures at my disposal. Think of it... some Dave Matthews, a new apartment, a birthday celebration, AND a blanc soiree! For now, enjoy the new blog that I am IN LOVE with! In fact, if Tyler hadn't already claimed my heart... I would seriously consider pledging my undying love to this blog.

P.S. my sister-in-law Cari ran a 1/2 marathon!! Go her! I doubt I could muster the courage to run that much.