Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love is... changes

So many things have changed! Some good, some exciting, and some sad.

1. We have a new nephew. His name is Lucas Gary Morrow and he is a stud. I was actually present at his birth which makes him #1 in the running to be my favorite nephew.

2. Not only did this sweet couple get married 2 years ago but... BUT (you CANNOT even imagine the next chapter in their lives) they are going to PERU! To build the LDS temple there. HOLLA! They rock my socks off.

3. We bought a home. A town home but still... a home. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. 2 car garage. Enough cabinet space for all my dishes. Its thrilling. I have never enjoyed looking at paint and flooring choices more in my life. Aren't I lucky that my husband can provide such a life for me?
It's still in the works but here are some pictures. We move in on the 25th of June so feel free to roll up your sleeves and come do some manual labor.

4. This is the sad one. Tylers good friend from high school named Brynn Barton passed away last Tuesday. She was involved in a hit and run while riding her bike. She was such an awesome person!! She always came and supported everyone in everything. She was so funny and her and Malorie were the first female friends of Ty's to really welcome me into their group. We both miss her.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Love is... addicted

Don't worry guys, I am still addicted to Target and Listverse, but! as the every expanding internet broadens its horizons, I must do the same. Ready for some new addictions? Probably not, because you will probably become addicted too....

Whole Foods

Lavender infused honey? Orange blossom cheese? Vegan hummus with oregano pita chips? Vegan peanut butter cookies? Fruit you'd sell your soul for? Where has this been all my life? I spent too much this week (on ALL vegan purchases) at Whole Foods. You should go. It will change your life. And your stomach.


What is this you ask? The best answer is to go here but if you don't have the time, let me explain. It is a place that has massive amounts of beautiful pictures that will "interest" you and therefore you can "pin" them to your board. You can have a board for anything that interests you. This is great because I love lots of things and I am always saving pictures to the laptop. This saves the laptop space, me organizing time, and Tyler an aneurism from looking at all my girly things.

The O.C.
Yes, I am a 22, almost 23, almost mother that is slowly becoming addicted to the OC. It started out innocently enough... I like the music they use in their soundtracks okay? Then I started watching youtube clips and before you know it I have added the first season to our Netflicks que. Needless to say Tyler is going to be thrilled. There's something about teenage angst to good music that captures the soul.