Monday, February 25, 2013

Love is... the Red Carpet

We interrupt this blog to bring you... THE OSCARS!! Did you all tune in? I have an addiction to the Academy Awards. It is kind of unhealthy but not something I am willing to part with. I love the glamor, the gowns, the awards, the prestige. All of it. My darling friend Emma and I threw a party and just like the show, it did not disappoint. I'll blog more about that later, but I wanted to write one of my favorite posts while it was still fresh in my mind. GOWN REVIEW! I asked my friend Natalie to give me some of her thoughts as well. Like a guest blogger if you will.

Amy Adams
I love this. She is wearing my tied for second favorite gown of the night. 

Jennifer Lawrence. 
Natalie says dislike. I say middle ground. I love the shape.  I don't like the color. 

Jessica Chastain
I love this and I swear to you, no one else could look so good wearing a gown the same color as their hair. Well done Jessica.

Kerry Washington.
I ADORE this. Whatever pinky, reddish, coral color this is, I must have it. Second best in my opinion.

Naomi Watts
What a doll. Natalie and I love the cutout. I haven't ever seen something like this and it was a welcome surprise.

Sandra Bullock
Best dressed in my opinion, and she's on the top of Natalie's list as well. She ROCKED it. 

Amanda Seyfried
Natalie loves this. I like the fabric. You can't tell in the photo but her skin/any fat she has is spilling over the back of her dress. I saw her from behind while she was giving an interview and it looked like she was trying to fly away. 

 Zoe Saldana
Let me preface by saying that I think she is such a  beautiful woman. Now let me say, she ALWAYS chooses gowns with so much going on. She has multiple colors, beaded/jeweled lace flowers, a belt, a bow, and tiered fabric. There's way too much going on here. The more I type about it, the more I hate it. 

We also didn't like Kristen Stewarts 80's mess and the bland Reese Witherspoon. However, all in all I really feel like no one was horrible. I felt like this year was mostly a mediocre year for gowns with a few stand outs. For more looks and pictures go to

*pictures stolen from and

Natalies complete list:
Naomi Watts
Stacy Kiebler
Sandra Bullock
Catherine Zeta Jones
Nicole Kidman
Salma Hayek
Amanda Seyfried
Halle Berry

Jennifer Lawrence
Reese Witherspoon
Anne Hathaway
Jennifer Garner
Charlize Theron
Renee Zellweger

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love is... the BIG 2-5

This Saturday my bestie Nat turned 25. It is a milestone birthday and I feel it's only appropriate that this blog give her the birthday shout out she deserves.
We wet on a vacay with our friends Emma and Ike (more to come) so I was not in the SLC for Nats birthday. We celebrated the Wednesday before we left and it did NOT disappoint. We went to CPK to relive some high school memories and ate to our hearts delight. It is always nice when your best friend eats the same things you do and you can share basically everything. We both wore our darkest shades of lipstick and dubbed the night "Lipstick Lesbian Birthday Night". No kisses though.

SO heres to you my best friend. You are the prettiest, smartest, wittiest, skinniest part of Katalie and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for being my American counterpart and my best friend soulmate. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Love is... musings...

I contemplated if I should really write this message. Despite this being my blog, I feel like I do walk on a little bit of a line as to what I can say before I offend people. It's really not my intent, truly. I just feel like I have something to say and Tyler is sick of hearing me talk about it so... HEY! why not blog about it. Don't worry, I'll follow up with the classic "I'm mad but here's a funny video to make you feel better...", I feel like I am pretty good at those.
 If you don't know me very well.. you should probably know that I am in total support of gay marriage. I do not feel it the place of a religion to dictate who can be recognized "by law" as married or not. I feel like, even though the LDS church has tried to teach and preach the commandments of loving everyone and treating others with kindness and compassion, there is still a stigma of disgust when it comes to those who chose this lifestyle. A. It is none of our business. and B. why are you not letting these poor boys into the Boy Scouts of America?
Yes, that is what this is about. The stupid Boy Scouts. I used to make fun of Tyler for not being an Eagle scout because Mormons make it a huge "can't get your license 'till it's done" deal. Let me just say this - I am SO grateful that he isn't one. He might feel differently, but I certainly do not want myself associated with anything that so blatantly disregards the feelings and growth of others. My kids definitely aren't wasting their time with it, that's for damn sure.
I realize that the LDS church does not run the Boy Scouts. I feel like you'd be kidding yourself to say that their opinion doesn't pull a lot of weight though. I've combed through the few news articles that news stations have posted and I am just so disappointed and revolted by the fact that the LDS church applauds the actions of this clearly misguided group. "Boy Scouts of America "acted wisely in delaying its decision until all voices can be heard on this important moral issue," said Michael Purdy, spokesman for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."
Read more:
The only moral issue I see here is the one of inclusion. Grow up.
The end.

Now, if we are still friends, watch this video. It will make it aaaaaallllll better. You'll forget we even had the argument.