Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love is... personal playlist

I LOVE MUSIC! I am sure everyone does... but I LOVE IT. It speaks to my heart and rocks my soul haha! So, as nighttime boredom kicks in (since Tyler is at school and Jude is sawing logs) I decided to go ahead and create sort of a personal playlist. I'm sorry that youtube won't play all of them on my blog... I did the best I could. These songs have been the background music for my life. Welcome.
I can see clearly now - compliments of John Chymboryk
Holy Water - yes, it's sad. No, I am not suicidal. This song just beautifully describes how I feel about my life sometimes.
Breath of Heaven: Amy Grant- I discovered this beautiful Christmas song in middle school and I made my parents listen to it every day during that Christmas season.
Home to Me: Josh Kelley
Call on Me: Eric Prydz - College... Natalie and I re-creating this, with our guy friends.... WARNING - there are bums and semi-inappropriate dance moves
Ain't No Reason: Brett Dennan - The lyrics to the song are so amazing.
Come Away with Me: Norah Jones - Wedding song awww
Dancing: Elisa - Beautiful song! Plus, my favorite dance from 'So You Think You Can Dance' is to this song. Take one minute and thirty five seconds to watch it. Life changing.
Grace is Gone: Dave Matthews - "Excuse me please, once more drink. Could you make it strong cause I don't need to think... One drink to remember, then another to forget" How do those lyrics not speak to you?
Grey Blue Eyes: Dave Matthews
Dave Matthews in general
Hear You Me: Jimmy Eat World- I listened to this song the day after my friends little sister was shot. I only listen to it on that day.
Here Comes the Sun: The Beatles - Whitney Fenns theme song, because she NEEDS one
Hey Jude: The Beatles - Judes theme song! Plus, I put on a really good dance solo to this song.
I am Canadian: Joe Canada - Because I AM!
I Giorni: Ludovico Einaudi - Ty introduced me to this song. If I had walked down the aisle, it would have been to this.
House That Built Me: Miranda Lambert - This song perfectly describes the loss I feel when thinking about my grandpas farm.
Let's Get Lost: Beck and Bat for Lashes
Mary: Patty Griffin
Nessun Dorma - My favorite song
Under Pressure: Queen feat. David Bowie - because everyone loves singing it
Fix You: Coldplay
This Years Love: David Gray
Tiny Dancer: Elton John

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Love is... thanks very much

Sometimes I am not very good at expressing how grateful I am for the things that I have. I should do this more often. I know it's Thanksgiving and I hate being cliche... but at the same time, I shouldn't pass the chance to express my gratitude for some of the key things in my life.

First, my sweet husband. Guys, he's perfect for me. You may not believe in soul mates, but he makes me believe. I am grateful for his talent and his hard working personality. I'm grateful for his job and that he excels at his job. I am grateful for the time and effort he is willing to put into school. Most of all, I am grateful for the strong testimony he has.

My little son! He is amazing. He teaches me something new every day. One of my favorite patients at work is a Patriarch and I had the opportunity to introduce Jude to him. He told me that Jude was a strong spirit.. and he really is.

My parents. They're great. If they weren't as patient as they are, I would have never come out of my middle school years alive.

My brother. Besides the fact that basically everything that comes out of his mouth is outrageously funny, he also happens to be intelligent and wise.

My in-laws. All those rumors about your in-laws being crazy are NOT true... in my case anyway. Mike and Kris provide Tyler and I with so much. They are always there to listen and give help and advice. They are extremely generous and just amazing people. My brothers and sisters in law are awesome too and are so willing to lend advice and time and talents to help Tyler and me. I pretty much texted Cari everyday asking for pregnancy advice.

My grandparents. Every single one of them has helped me in one way or another throughout my life. I am ever so blessed to have had them live for a large portion of my life, lending advice and caring like they have.

Whitney and James - I mean, what kids their age are assigned to build a temple?!
Emlen - she checked up on me and Jude all the time.
Emma and Isaac Westwood
Kalie and Spencer Demann
Amelia, my dear work friend
Natalie, basically my sister throughout high school and college
EVERYONE IS AMAZING. I could talk about all of these people forever.

My cousin Jenny. Holy cow, she saved our lives with her amazing baby schedule. She has always been so willing to lend me advice and I would be crazy to ignore anything someone this talented says.

My job. Guys, I just love my job. My boss is amazing. He has definitely taught me so many things, not only about medicine but also about being a good person.

Our home

Our freedom

Our opportunity to learn and grow


music - and the immortal genius of Dave Matthews

College sports

The church. Where would I be without the Lord? I would have none of the above, that is for sure. I love the gospel with all my heart.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Love is...Conversing

Last night I was having a very difficult time falling asleep. Mostly, this is bad but on some lucky occasions it gives me the chance to laugh because Tyler has a horribly bad habit of talking in his sleep. Actually, talking really isn't the best way to describe what goes on. Conversing is better. And let me be the first to tell you, this guy has some wacky dreams. Last night was no exception.

Ty sits straight up and stares at the door to our bedroom for 15-20 seconds. Kat puts down her book...
Kat: Ty. What's wrong?
Ty: They just can't find their way out.
Kat: Who can't find their way out?
Ty: I can't remember... I can't remember their names! They work at Fastenal... they test the guns. I can't remember their names but they test the guns and make sure everything works for the missions.
Kat: Okay. Well I'm pretty sure you should go back to sleep.
Tyler is already back to sleep.

This tells me three things are currently occupying Tylers mind:
1. People getting into his house.
2. Work.
3. Call of Duty.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love is... Um, thanks

Today at work, a co-worker phoned and asked me a question. I responded and she (or he... but really, a boy wouldn't say this) said "Kat you are like always so happy on the phone. You must just have the easiest life to be this happy all the time" Um... thanks? I think that was a compliment. Granted, this is also the girl (or guy) who told me, 3 weeks after I had Jude, "You look really good! You only have a little bit of a belly left". I think she means well? I'll go ahead and give her the benefit of the doubt.
Moral of this short story?
Yes. I am quite happy. I don't mean to turn this into a brag blog but I have the cutest baby, I'm married to the most handsome man, I scored with awesome in laws, my parents rock, my little brother makes me laugh every day, I have an awesome house, and amazing friends. However, I would just like to clarify that in my personal "quest for perfection (did you like that BYU reference?) I have encountered some bumpy terrain. I have had sad things happen to me, I've loved and lost, I've had friends and recently family die... things are rough sometimes. Just because I don't talk about my problems or cry in public settings, doesn't mean that haven't experienced sad things in life.

Secondly: This kid won first prize in the Halloween costume party

Thirdly: I love these socks. Will someone either make them for me or teach me how to make them or find a not so expensive version of them for me?

Lastly: It has been far too long since I've blogged about Dave Matthews... so without further ado... DAVE