Saturday, August 31, 2013

Love is... Happy Birthday


I turned 25. There. I said it. I am closer to 50 than I am to zero. Or, if you want to look at it Jeff style it's "Congratulations. You are a quarter of a century". Thanks brah.

Tyler planned many surprises along with my other friends and fam and allow me to just say this, turning 25 could not have been more swell.

Ty took me to the Newpark Hotel and...

Surprise! We stayed in a suite. As big as our house. Which either says a lot about the hotel, or a lot about our house. 

Straight up though yo... check this out. 

We went to the Eating Establishment and they have veggie sausage. It was like they were saying "Happy Birthday Kat. We made this for you" so obviously I ate it. 

 My bestie best Nat gave me Tiffany's. TIFFANY'S. Holy smokes. Inside that beautiful blue box that I didn't want to unwrap was a pair of earrings. Ugh... they're amaze balls. 

She also got me maple bars from Harmons. I love maple. The thing with Harmons is that they make theirs out of maple buttercream. It's... well, its to die for. 

 Here is the grand finale of gifts. A first edition Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. I straight almost cried tears of joy onto the cover. This is just the best present EVER.

This guy makes me very happy. He knows how to do a birthday. I've been endlessly spoiled and I just don't think I'll ever have a happier day.

Also, not pictured is the collection of yoga gear from my parents and brother that hurts SOOO good. Mike and Kris bought me a snow cone machine and it is just too good for words. I love me some snow cones. I actually think they planned it out with my parents. Eat a snow cone, do some yoga, repeat.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Love is... a goal, a bother, and a musical day (but not in that order)

Have you ever had someone say something to you and at the time you are so shocked or taken back that you just can't think of an appropriate response? Here's the thing,when this happens to me I am either too timid to be snarky back or I am just so surprised that someone actually said that so I just don't say anything back BUT you can bet your bottom dollar that I think about it.  Here's an primo example of something that I can't just grow up and get over.

"Kat, you should probably think about going back to school because you will really regret your life if you don't".

WHOA! Hold it right there chief.

Seriously though, that really hurt my feelings. Regardless of my education status, I don't feel like I am failure as a human being. I know a lot of educated and uneducated men and women, many of whom have impacted my life. I may not have a piece of paper congratulating me on the many hours I spent sitting in a chair, listening to information that I maybe will, maybe will not use in my future. Do I miss school? Absolutely. Do I think I will go back? Sure. But that is sooo personal and is frankly no ones business but mine and Tylers.

People like this make me so angry. The people that go around giving their opinion on your life as if it's the end all be all. BLOW ME.... is that appropriate for a family blog? Meh, hard to say.

Moral of this story is that I should probably let things like this go. It's a huge flaw of mine... I have a hard time letting go.

We went to an outdoor concert at Deer Valley a few weeks ago. I just loved it. Lot's of people were drinking wine and eating brie and I was so jealous. Mostly of the brie... a little bit of the wine. My inner green monster still posed for some sweet pics, including the awesome feet shot.

Last, but certainly NOT least, Tyler has been playing for the Qualtrics soccer team. They play against other businesses and let's just say... these grown men (and women) get a little cray cray. I saw a grand total of three red cards in one week. Expletives, parking lot fights... the whole she-bang. So obviously I loved it. They made it to the finals and WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER they took home the big trophy. I am so proud of my main squeeze for scoring many goals this season and taking the world by storm! Seriously though, he's got a lot of talents and it is really fun to cheer for your husband. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Love is... There is hope for the human race!

Sooooo... I stumbled upon this Alt-J music vid. I love it. It's based upon one of my favorite paintings "School of Athens". As a part Wikipedia, part BYU, part Waterford student of the arts, I came across this painting and it blew. my. mind. So that's how vast my knowledge is of all things artistic.

We could into the symbolism of both and the comparison, but let's not. I'll leave you to your own devices if you want to go further down the rabbit hole.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Love is... Hallelujah

Or, if your name is Jude then it's pronounced "ha oo ya". Either way you say it, you will probably really love this youtube beauty almost as much as everyone in our house. Every time we get into the car or we are in a place that is playing music, Jude requests this song.

--Please note that I stumbled onto this video almost five years ago thanks to my main squeeze Tyler. He introduced me to the beautiful voice of Kurt Nilsen and my life has never been the same. You know those voices that you can just feel? Well... you're about to.

Thank you Jude, for your savvy music taste. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Love is... raindrops keep falling on my window

Something about rain just sets my spirit free. I always pull back the curtains to watch the storm and usually end up changing into sweats and boiling some tea. Sometimes I even braid my hair and take selfies. 

Have you ever been to Teavana? They have a lot of herbal teas. Taste wise, they've changed my life. The one pictured here is their Raspberry Lemon. I usually add the juice of one lemon and some german rock sugar. HELLO NIRVANA... and I don't mean the band. 

This past week my cousins came to visit from Canada. I kind of love family stuff and I don't get to participate very often, so to have them here was SUCH a blessing. I feel so bad for Jude that he doesn't get the big family feel like I did when I was younger. 

This little beauty beside Jude is named Emmy. She is just two weeks younger than Jude and he was in love. He even went in to give her a kiss and she totally denied him. We still have a few days left though and I think he is determined to win her over. 
 Also, look how cute my little mom is!
 This boy threw rocks in the stream for days and was not pleased when it was time to pack up. 

 I don't know why he was complaining though, I trekked this kid up to the falls and back. I won't lie, it's killing my shoulders to type this right now. 

Finally, please note that I am not as skinny in real life as this picture portrays. I was a lucky shot though so I plan to ride out the good feeling that I could be this skinny someday.