Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Love is... And the Oscar goes to...

KAT AND EMMA WESTWOOD FOR A PARTY WELL THROWN *cheers* *endless applause* *The crowd goes wild* Okay, I realize that I am tooting my own horn here and really Emma did basically everything and I just showed up, but still, well done us. I for one had a blast. Jude did too, he told me. And even though Tyler puts on his party poop face, I think he had a real good time too.

Emma had the best idea for the cutest bar. Ike was kind enough to bar tend for us as well. Could they be anymore amazing? 
 You see all of these delicious treats? Emma made every. single. one. If you haven't tasted her baking, you need too. You're life is not complete until you have. Luckily for all of you, she posts her recipes on her blog so you can try your hand at them. Unfortunately they aren't made with her love so they won't taste as good. I've already tried. 

 Look at what a good looking bunch of people we are. Except for my white legs. But they weren't supposed to be invited. 

I am so glad that everyone came and that it was a good time. I am also supremely grateful for the party planning genius/hostess extraordinaire that is Emma Westwood. You should head over to her blog (if you know what's good for you) and see more pics!

Love is... one year older

Tyler turned 26! And let me just say this... the man ages well. We had a wonderful celebration with Emma and Ike and Jude and a supermassive snowstorm. It was all Tyler could have hoped for, I think?

We went to Gourmandise. It has never let us down pastry wise or breakfast wise. Even though it was Tylers birthday, he still let me pick out a bunch of goodies to take home.

 We then went to a shooting range. Tyler recently made a major purchase. I'm not happy about it and have nothing positive to say. However, despite my feelings of disgust and disdain towards any sort of firearm, I did go with him to the gun range. Emma and Ike came with us and I probably would have died without Emma's presence. She's probably aching to murder me for posting this pic but her face perfectly describes how we felt. Or at least me.

 After the guns it was off to The Copper Onion. Another non-disappoint. I'm itching to go again. And again. And again.

I am so grateful that this guy has been around for 26 years. He better plan for at least a million more years because I just can't live without him. He's a hard working, tender hearted, patient son of a gun. He's also pretty cute. And good in the sack, so really it's just an all around win!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Love is...Steezy St. Geezy

The morning of February 15th hit and Tyler and I could not have been more excited. Our friends Emma and Ike invited us to a condo in St. Geezy. We needed to get out of the Salt Lake smog ASAP. It was our first vacay sans Jude, which was really sad. Luckily Jude loves his Nana (my mom) more than his mom (me), so he was really happy about it. This is basically a love story about a small town girl and her quest for sunshine. 

While we were packing, Juder decided to try on dads shoes. 

In keeping with the feet theme I've started, these are my happy toes basking in the sunlight. 

For dinner on our arrival night, Emma and Ike took us to a delish mexican restaurant called Poncho and Lefty's, followed by delicious cupcapes from Twentyfive and Main cafe and cake shop. These guys know how to do St. George.

The next morning they introduced to the Bear Paw Cafe.... I WANT TO GO BACK.

We went for a walking hike-ish adventure on the petrified sand dunes and had far too much fun with the camera. 

On Sunday we drove to Las Vegas and hit the outlets. JCrew was amasssssing. We got a room at Treasure Island for the night. Staying on the strip is the best!!!

Can I just say that this vacation could not have come at a better time? I needed a break from my life so bad. Thanks Emma and Ike for being so generous and inviting us along for the ride. We hope to repay the favor someday. 

Not pictured
-The drunk driver that almost ran us off the road! Okay. That was slightly dramatic. But he did swerve and hit barriers and was concerning enough that we phoned the highway patrol on him. 
-The awesome spat Tyler and I got into over our gelato. But what's a vacation without a lovers quarrel? 
-The amazing musical taste of Emma and Ike. We listened to their jams there and back and I couldn't have been happier about it. 
-My tooth falling out. Okay, half a tooth. Which led to my wisdom teeth removal. ewwwww

Monday, March 4, 2013

Love is... love day!

I just love Valentines day. Actually I think I just love holidays. There's nothing like a good reason to decorate your house and eat goodies and buy presents. Am I right? Our love days have been super mellow and I like it that way. We treat each other but nothing crazy excessive. Tyler was a sneaky fellow and surprised with flowers to wake up to! He got Inglorious Bastards on DVD, and though we have yet to watch it, I think he was happy. Tyler's parents always get us gifts which is super nice, so Jude got hooked up with some new kicks. He was happy too. 

Thanks to the holiday, I got to bust out my grandmothers red dishes that I inherited and my vintage rose plates. SO in love.

Check out these potatoes... boiled. seasoned. mashed. baked. SOOO DELISH

I just love my guys and I was so happy to spend a day dedicated to love with them. I would not have it any other way. Also, I cannot wait for Easter! 

Love playlist for the occasion

Kiss me - Ed Sheeran
Firefly - Ed Sheeran
You and Me - Dave Matthews Band
Dancing - Elisa
Maybe I'm Amazed - Jem
Love and Some Verses - Iron and Wine
Green Eyes - Coldplay
This Years Love - David Gray
Turn Me On - Norah Jones