Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Love is... addictions

Have you ever had something in your life that you are addicted too? I mean seriously cannot more than a couple of days without it. I keep trying to tell myself that everyone has their own addictions in this world, and that I am not unique... BUT! I feel unique after noticing my personal addictions. I am going to name a few of them, and let me know if you know of any groups that meet in order to overcome these. I may or may not, depending on which addiction it is, want some help.

1. Target. I am addicted to Target. Anything that was, is, or is going to be Target I love. I cannot go more than a few days without making up an excuse to go into Target. "Oh, sorry! We're all out of garlic and I need it for this recipe." Usually I say that and then $30 later, Tyler comes home to find a couple of Target bags filled with my interesting finds. "K, but this was on sale" or "But we don't have one and we could probably use one" and my personal favorite "But Ty, it's so cute! We're never going to find something like this again!". Poor guy doesn't stand a chance.

2. Snow cones. More so, the snow cone place on Highland Dr. in the parking lot of Reams. I think I have had every fruity and flavorful combination you can have except for red velvet and wedding cake. Tyler has been a dear and brought me countless snow cones to work, but most of the time I just show up with a snow cone in hand. With cream on top. Lot's of cream.

3. People magazine. Well... more like the people magazine app on my phone. Every morning like clockwork I check e-mail, facebook, and people. I know that is a really shallow thing to do but that is okay, I will take my chances. I love knowing what is going on the world. That way when people say "who is that girl in Across the Universe?" I can say "OH! That is Evan Rachel Wood. She was dating Marilyn Manson for a long time, but they recently split although they will probably end up back together."

4. Fine! Facebook. I don't even care because most likely you can't judge because you are just as bad! Facebook is SO addicting. I find out 1/2 of my social knowledge from facebook because I am such a stalker. Oh well, it is still nice to be able to keep tabs on friends.

5. Failbooking. Failbooking is a website that posts photos of the idiot things people have said as their facebook status. Inevitably, they have a few new posts every day, which mean.... I check it every day. Here is an example:

Charly: is asia a country?
commentator 1: continent
commentator 2: wow...
Charly: wait... is africa?
commentator 1: also continent

I love laughing at the misfortune of others. When they don't get hurt... and when animals aren't involved.

and finally.... my most serious addiction....

6. Listverse. Oh listverse, you are so dear to my heart. is a website that is, well... lists! Lists of EVERYTHING! Top 10 best movies to top 10 bizarre and painful ways to be killed by an animal to top 10 cooking secrets. Holy smokes, I could spend hours just reading these lists. Ha, oh wait. I already do that. I get home from work at 10:45, get ready for bed and at about 11:15 or so I read lists on listverse until I can't take it anymore. You should check it out sometime... if you dare.

BONUS: hahaha, got this idea from listverse. What I am NOT addicted to is laundry. Something I should probably do right now instead of writing. Meh... who am I kidding. I really am about to log onto listverse.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Love is... derbies and lakes and road trips OH MY!

Hello blogging world! I am so sorry I haven't written in a while... the past little while has been hectic. Lets rewind a little ways back to the 24th of July, and I will fill you on the lives of Tyler and I since then.
On the 24th we went on a hike to Stewart Falls with my parents and we LOVED IT! I love Stewart Falls. My family has been going on hikes there for a long time, and it was really fun to introduce Ty. We will definitely be going back sooner than later. That night we decided to go to a demolition derby with my friend Tressie and her man Devin. It was seriously so much fun... yes you read that right. I never thought that this hippie would enjoy something like that but I did. For the first 5 minutes I was just laughing because I thought it was so out of control. I think 3 cars were tipped over and it was pretty exciting. I am glad no one blew up though. Here are some pictures of the blessed day.

After working for a few more days, my mom and I left and headed to Canada for a reunion. We had a lot of fun and the drive up was pretty uneventful - which is a good thing. On Thursday my cousins took me shopping in Calgary and I had a lot of fun. I bought a lot of cute things (compliments of my sweet mom for my birthday). Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we were in Waterton for the West reunion and both my mom and I really enjoyed ourselves. We played games, hiked, and hung out by the lake. My grandma got a pretty good picture of the grizzly bear (yes, grizzly) that was hanging around so I will try and get a hold of that. Shauna and I returned with a lot of inside jokes probably 5lbs lighter that we were going up because the air conditioning broke on the way home. Anyway, I had a lot of fun, but I am happy to be home with Tyler. Being away from him was kind of tough... alright, it was really tough. In 2 years, he has no choice but to attend.