Saturday, April 23, 2011

Love is... Dear Tyler

Dear Tyler,

Please do not forget
that even though I joke
I love you
more than Dave Matthews

Please do not think
that Jimmer Fredette is cooler than you

And I hope you haven't assumed
that my likeness for either of these two people
surpasses my love-ness for you

That being said, I feel as though my desire to name our child David Matthew Jimmer Morrow should not be ignored. Please take a quiet moment in your day to think about the AMAZING TALENT our child would only be destined to achieve with namesakes like that.

I am willing to compromise with David Matthew Morrow.

Our second child can be named Nebakanezer if you still desire at that point in time.

your wife

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love is... total eclipse of the heart

Hypothetically, let's say I know someone... And let us say that this someone has a friend/buddy/employee that he likes to joke around with and have fun with and possibly sing duets in the car with. What song would they sing together?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Love is... a dream is a wish your heart makes

HI! I am excited to be back to the blogging world. I took a hiatus because... well... I was waiting for Kalie DeMann to post her Disneyland pictures so I could turn around and steal them, claim them as my own, and look like a blogger who takes pictures to document her life. I feel like that was a good plan because Kalie took some good pictures. So, without further ado, let me introduce to you...

Top Ten Best Things About Disneyland 2011*
* note the date, because we will be returning for a Disneyland 20...

10. Laguna Beach
Sorry, this one isnt exactly Disneyland but it is SoCal and I did love it because I am obsessed with Laguna Beach and the old MTV series Laguna Beach.

9. The Blue Bayou
Um Hello, not only are you sitting in the midst of everyones favorite ride (Pirates) but the food is also DELIGHT-FULL. Delight because its delicious, full because you come out 20lbs heavier from eating your weight in crab cakes and drinking the salad dressing that may or may not have a touch of brandy in it... don't worry kids, they boil the alcohol out of it.

8. Seeing club 33
Is this lame? For some reason I was so excited when Kalie DeMann showed me the door to club 33 and informed me that all I would have to do to get to the elevator is knock and say Mickey Mouse. SOOO close... yet so far.

7. The Castle. Everyone loves the main street walk up to the Castle. Thats when you really feel the magic.

6. The White Chocolate hot chocolate
Um why can't someone in Utah make this? Maybe they do and I am just behind the times.

5. The Orange Peel
Oh my heart and SOUL the Orange Peel in St. George. I would cut off an arm to have an Orange Peel here. Its bubble tea's and fruit smoothies that change your life with the first sip.

4. The Toy Story ride
This was by far Tylers favorite ride. I think we went on this ride three times.

3. Cinderella!
The last picture is actually me. I actually turned into a little girl again when I met Cinderella. Side note - Cari when you asked me to pretend to be Cinderella to potty train Sophie... probably a top ten best moment of my life.

2. Spending a day Disney style with friends
I love these two people. They are the best and Kalie is the best Disneyland guide. We will be going back.

1. Spending a few days Disney style with each other
Tyler and I needed a break from life. This was the perfect one.

Some low lights but still lights....

Falling in front of everyone at California Adventures and having your husband be so embarrassed by you he takes a step back and says "WHOA!!" instead of helping you up. And then you get a bruise. That is still on your knee.

The rain
No. Kalie and Spencer are not extremely sweaty due to massive amounts of speed walking through both parks...
It rained. And then rained some more. And then it kept raining just in case the people of California didn't have enough drinking water.

Driving in the car for so long that you loose your mind. Even though this drive is probably 2-3 hours shorter than driving to Lethbridge (Canada) it seemed like it was at least 6 hours longer. We started to get stir crazy and during the last hour, kind of hysterical... So, of course the only thing to do at that point is make the same obnoxious noise for 45 minutes... right Ty?

Stay tuned. Next I will be stealing Emma's pics and talking about the AMAZING conference brunch that she made for us.