Monday, May 26, 2014

Love is... Easter

I love Easter, especially when it is later in the year and warm outside. This year was almost perfect, except that it was also my brothers birthday and he was in the middle of finals and that kind of sucked. But we (as in my fam) still had a grand ol' time. Tyler and Jude always humor me and we dress to match. I pretty much live with the best collection of gentlemen. 

My in-laws always go all out on Easter and I just love it. I love festive things. Isn't her table decor the sweetest?

We also enjoyed the annual hunt and Jude was much more aware this time around and even helped up to find some adult eggs.

Also on the Easter front, and the reason for my momentary absence, I got called to be the 1st counselor in the Primary that day. Haha, I am sure you are all laughing out loud... I did too. I'm sure it seems somewhat out of place, with some of my views and all, but I will say that I have enjoyed it thus far and I am working with the most fantastic group of people. Pretty much I think I got this calling because I need to get... my life in line (which is my G version of saying get my $#@! together) because you know, I've got to keep it G now.

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