Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Love is... a kiss, a babe, and a newer babe

Before anything else is said, can we just acknowledge that these two are just the sweetest pair?

 We got the awesome chance to babysit baby Elliot. He is our best. Jude thinks he is pretty awesome. We've actually watched him twice recently, and had pizza to eat both times so now Jude equates pizza with baby Elliot coming for. It's a little heart breaking when I have to tell him "not today buddy".

 We went shopping for some new jeans for Ty and Jude saw himself in this mirror and spent the next 15-20 minutes checking himself out/dancing in the mirror. It was a good time.

 And last, but surely not least, our newest niece came! Sarah and Jamo had the sweetest baby girl and they named her Audrey. When Sarah and Jamo had Asher, I was pretty much in love because fat Asher was the best baby ever and I have high hopes that Audrey will follow in his footsteps.

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